Butera Tomato Bruschetta - Butera's, Long Island

What's Cookin'?

Quite a lot is cookin’ with UAlbany alumni in the food industry! Read on to learn how the host of a nationally televised cooking program, a vegan chef, a spirits reviewer, the CEO of a major restaurant-management corporation, the founder of a natural-foods company, a vintner, a special-events director and several restaurateurs devised their own recipes for success.

Also included in this online-only issue of UAlbany are a few surprises: video links – and some tasty recipes to try at home!

Lisa Lillien

Lisa Lillien, B.A. '87

"Hungry Girl"



Jeffrey Bank

Jeffrey Bank, B.A. '88

Knowing "What's Important"



Ken Denberg

Ken Denberg, Ph.D. '88

A Vintage All His Own



Mark Reinfeld

Mark Reinfeld, B.A. '89

Enlightened Chef



Anne (Treffiletti) Trimble

Anne (Treffiletti) Trimble, B.A. '71

Maintaining an Albany Institution



Stephanie (Vogel) Blackwell

Stephanie (Vogel) Blackwell, M.S. '76

Businesswoman Extraordinaire



The Dirty Martini Lounge Private VIP Room

John DeJohn, B.A. '95

Master of Management and Motivation



Kara Newman

Kara Newman, B.A. '92

A Spirited Writer



Marcia Tolive

Marcia Tolive, B.A. '81

Bringing People Together



Laurie and Martin Butera

Martin Butera, B.A. '85 and
Laurie (Novack) Butera, B.S. '86



Erica Morris

Erica Morris, B.A. '92

A Passion for Food