Volunteering on the Rise at UAlbany

Volunteering is an important component of the UAlbany student culture. It’s a tradition that doesn’t end at graduation, though. From class-reunion planning, to mentoring students, to providing career assistance, thousands of alumni volunteers play a key role in the University’s day-to-day life.

Alumni volunteers at freshman orientation

Alumni volunteers enjoy a light moment with Damien after handing out ice cream to students during freshman orientation. Pictured left to right: Patrick Romain '86; Rick Corcione '72; Gary Farkas '85, '00; and Audrey Seidman '75.

Brian Fessler ’06, ’07 is chair of GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade), which provides services specifically for recent grads, and is a member of the Alumni Association board. Fessler says volunteering has enabled him to make many new personal and professional connections while helping other alums stay connected with one another and their alma mater. He’s committed to ensuring that current students have as productive an experience at UAlbany as he did.

Michael Borys ’78, ’79, a vice president with Goldman Sachs, enjoys sharing his industry knowledge and experiences with students, helping them through the transition from college to the workforce. Borys says he enjoys keeping up with the progress at the University, as well as meeting and mentoring new students.

Like Borys, Jane Hutchins ’56 is a committed volunteer, although her focus is more on reunion planning. She finds that volunteering provides her with the rewarding feeling of having assisted someone, or a group, in a positive way.

Brian Straughter, vice president for Turf Hotels, is a member of the UAlbany Foundation board. This past year, Straughter and his colleagues helped incoming freshmen move into their dorms. Having benefited from the participation of volunteer coaches as a child, he says it feels good to be on the other side of the equation now – giving back and being part of the important work the University does for the community.

Volunteer opportunities with UAlbany can be local, regional – even virtual. To learn more about how you can help strengthen the UAlbany community as a volunteer, visit our Web site.