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Author, Author!

Whether they write solo, with spouses and colleagues – or with their pets! – University at Albany alumni put their own unique spin on the literary world.

Frankie Bailey, M.S.'79, Ph.D.'86

A women of mystery - and non-fiction, too.



Marcia Brown, B.A.'40

Artist and Storyteller



Denny Fried, M.A.'73

Of Dogs and "Doggerel"



David Bordwell, B.A.'69

"Our Best Writer on the Cinema"



Darby Penney, M.L.S.'80

Human-Rights Advocate



Jennifer Roy, B.A.'89

Second-Career Success



David Pietrusza, B.A.'71, M.A.'72

Documenting History



Anne White, M.L.S.'66

An Affinity for Writing



Lawrence Epstein, B.A.'67, M.A.'68, Ph.D.'76

Learning While Writing



Jim Sciancalepore, M.A.'93

Connecting With Teens



Nancy Levine, B.A.'82

The Tao of Writing About Pugs



David Pitkin, B.A.'59, M.A.'73

Mixing Mystery With History



Louise DeAngelis Hall, B.S.'42

A Writer's Legacy



Tania Modleski, B.A.'70, M.A.'71

A Feminist Perspective



Lisa Giruzzi, B.A.'83

Transforming Lives



Ludima Gus Burton, B.A.'46

Making Dreams Come True