Information for Parents & Families

Warning Signs of Hazing

Your student may or may not feel comfortable expressing concern directly to you if being hazed.  Here are some key things to look for that might help you identify whether or not your student may be experiencing hazing:

  • Sudden change in behavior or attitude after joining the organization or team
  • Wanting to leave the organization or team with no real explanation
  • Sudden decrease in communication with friends and family
  • Physical or psychological exhaustion
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Unexplained injuries or illness
  • Change in sleeping or eating habits
  • Withdrawal from normal activities
  • Expressed feeling of sadness or feeling of worthlessness
  • Increase in secrecy and unwillingness to share details

Talk To Your Student About Hazing

It’s important to take a proactive role in fighting hazing.  Each year, hundreds if not thousands of students are involved in hazing.  What some consider “tradition” or “paying your dues” can turn into a truly dangerous event.  Simply put, hazing’s potential for harm – both physical and psychological – is tremendous.  Please join schools across the country in taking a proactive stance against hazing by talking to your student about hazing as they become involved in student organizations and teams.

Questions to ask your student before he or she joins an organization or team:

  • What do you think you want to be involved in at school?
  • Do you know what hazing is?
  • How can you stand up or say no if it occurs?
  • What are resources online and at school you can utilize if you are hazed?
  • Do you know how to report hazing?

Questions to ask after involvement begins:

  • What organizations or teams are you involved in?
  • How much time are you spending on the organization or team?
  • What kinds of activities are involved in joining this group or team?  Are you comfortable with all of these?
  • Is alcohol involved in any of these activities?
  • Have you met the organization’s advisor or coach?
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