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. . . . . . . . . . F . R . E . S . H . M . A . N . .. . .S . U . R . V . I . V . A . L . . . . . . . . . .

What do former freshman have to say about their first year?

What do former freshmen have to say about their first year?

>> Recent grads take the long view

>> Two of last yearís freshmen talk about making friends, fitting in and more


Tokunbo Akinbajo

"Itís a two-way street -- share your knowledge with people and they will share with you. Build a network of friends and associates, because it is the only way to fully experience the resources that UAlbany has to offer."

Tokunbo Akinbajo - Political Science major,
Business Administration minor

Tracey Berens

"If you want to find your way and make a name for yourself, you really have to push for it and talk to professors and introduce yourself. Show that you are interested."

Tracey Berens-Psychology major

Jen Lee

"College is what you make of it. If you put in the effort to get out there, make friends, join clubs, talk with teachers, it will make your whole college experience all that much more wonderful."

Jen Lee-Economics major,
Business and Chinese minors

Kayti Marr

"Be tolerant. You will meet people from all different cultures and backgrounds and being open and accepting to their different ideas and viewpoints will get you farther. The epitome of being tolerant is to STUDY ABROAD! This made all the difference in the world to me when I studied in Seville, Spain in the fall of 2003. It made me open my eyes to different world views and also see the way the world viewed me as an American. It was a very humbling yet thrilling experience."

Kayti Marr-Spanish major,
Linguistics minor

Yvette Morris

"It's a big place, and you may get the feeling that you won't fit in. It can be overwhelming at first, but there are lots of things you can do, like start a club, get to know your floor mate. What you do helps you fit in and you have somewhere to go."

Yvette Morris-History major

Kim Shalvey

"If you get involved you will learn so much more than you could ever get from a classroom alone. You will meet people who can teach you things about yourself that you never knewÖ I have learned so much about different cultures, upbringings, and lifestyles -- things that I will appreciate forever."

Kim Shalvey-Psychology major,
Criminal Justice minor

Jon Hojnacki

"Give Albany a chance --both the school and the town. Just look around and you can find tons of stuff to interest you -- from The Palace to the Pepsi, and lots of volunteer opportunities. Talk to your professors and they can give you extra help to find research assistantships. Read the Podium bulletin boards and speak your mind to those who are in charge. Yes, that seems like more than one piece of advice, but it really comes down to -- look for opportunities and seize upon the ones that interest you because there is a ton to do here."

Jon Hojnacki-Political Science major

Juliana Coates Renata Daconti

Juliana Coates

Renata Daconti

Freshmen last year, Juliana Coates (Chemistry major) and Renata Daconti (Biology major) get together to give you their best tips on adjusting to your first year.

> On what to bring, buy, find:

Juliana: Less is definitely more, unless you are an experienced space saver, youíll probably find that youíre going to run out of room quickly. Donít bring anything you can live without. Get in touch with your new roommate and coordinate together what you need to bring for the room.
Renata: Go to the bookstore before your classes start and buy the books you will need. If you later decide that you want to drop a class you have a week to return the books for a full refund. Also before classes start learn where everything is on campus -- where you need to go Ė cafeteria, library, bookstore, dorms, lecture centers, etc. Then you wonít get stressed out trying to find a location or being late to class.

> On making friends:

Juliana: In the dormóon move in day walk around your hall and meet some of the people around you. Expand your visits to other freshman dorm as well. Make friends with your R.A. Donít limit yourself to friends in your dorm, however, talk to people in your classes Ė you canít have too many friends, so be sure and expand your base.
Renata: Join a club! Do this at the beginning of the semester. Itís a great way to meet people. Also talk to your professors. They are very nice people and are there to help you with any difficulties that you have.

> On classes, study, time management:

Juliana: Most professors give you homework assignments in advance. Use this to your advantage Ė the easiest time to pull ahead in your work is at the beginning within the first month of school. Save all your notes, talk to classmates and compare notes and donít be afraid to talk to your professors.
Go to classes! Try studying everyday for a few hours, reviewing all the material that was covered that day. This will help you absorb the information that was presented. If you are having problems, donít wait! Go to Academic Support Services for help.

> On having fun and other stuff:

Juliana: College should not be stressful. Put aside one night a week to just relax Ė donít go overboard, your work should come first. Respect other people, communicate with your roommate or suitemates to avoid problems, have an open mind, and be willing to try new things. It can be the best time of your life!
Renata: Try to relax and have a good time. Make your college experience a successful and everlasting memory.

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