Classroom Advisory Committee

Recent Studies

Classroom Utilization Study
Posted below is a direct hyperlink to PPT presentation on Classroom Utilization Study.

Classroom Utilization Study.pdf

Classroom Conditions Survey
Some of the items looked at are the level of technology available, acoustics, general room comfort, furniture, equipment and overall condition of floors, walls, ceilings and window treatments.

• Classrooms included in Survey: All Registar-controlled Classrooms on Uptown Campus
• Buildings Included in Survey = 13
• Number of Classrooms = 95
• Total Number of Seats = 5,700
• Total Square Footage = 100,000

Classroom Renovations/Upgrades
Phase I (2008-09)

LC 3 was converted to 3 classrooms: LC 003A, LC 003B, LC 003C

Phase II (2009-10)
Social Science classrooms were picked to be renovated in '10

Phase III (2010-11)
Classrooms in the Lecture Center, Physics, Biology, Education, Humanities, Earth Science and Chemistry buildings were selected to be renovated in '11

Phase IV (2011-12)
Classrooms will be selected when the 2011 classrooms survey is completed.