Committee Members

Bischoff, ChristopherFaculty/StaffOffice of Campus Planning
Bromley, RayFaculty/StaffOffice of International Education
Caiazza, PatriziaFaculty/StaffRegistrar's Office
Chen, HaijunFaculty/StaffBiology
Chico Hurst, KarenFaculty/StaffRegistrar's Office
Dudek, Bruce CFaculty/StaffPsychology
Franchini, Billie BFaculty/StaffInst--Teach, Learn & Acad Ldr
Gaffney, Elizabeth JFaculty/StaffDean's Office - College of Arts & Science
Geer, Robert EFaculty/StaffCollege of Nanoscale Sci & Eng
Goodall, Jennifer JFaculty/StaffInformatics
Kirtley, Keith JFaculty/StaffPhysical Plant Mgmt
Mahan, Sheila A (Co-Chair)Faculty/StaffAcademic Affairs
Malatesta, JoAnne MFaculty/StaffSchool of Criminal Justice
Meyer, TrishFaculty/StaffArchitecture, Engr, Const Mgmt
Millington, Errol C (Co-Chair)Faculty/StaffOffice of Campus Planning
Murphy, MaryFaculty/StaffDean's Office - School of Education
Nowell, Gregory PFaculty/StaffPolitical Science
Petrukhina, Marina AFaculty/StaffChemistry
Roberson, BillFaculty/StaffInst--Teach Learn & Acad Ldr
Rogers, CrystalFaculty/StaffSchool of Social Welfare
Sattinger, Michael JFaculty/StaffEconomics
Sweeton, Carole FFaculty/StaffInfo Tech Client Services
Watson, JenniferFaculty/StaffPhysical Plant Mgmt

Working Groups

• Problem Reporting Protocol(Gaffney; Chico Hurst; Kirtley; Bischoff; Rogers; Sattinger; Caiazza; Pulliam)

• Teaching and Learning Spaces(Dudek; Kirtley; Millington; Roberson; Sweeton)

• Student/Outside Groups Policy
   for Use of Classrooms
(Chico Hurst, Beth Conrad, Pam Malatesta, Kyle Pulliam, Stacy Stern, Patrizia Caiazza)

• Scheduling Guidelines(Dudek; Mahan; Caiazza)