Mission Statement

Conflict Resolution & Civic Responsibility

The Office of Conflict Resolution & Civic Responsibility upholds the student code of conduct that establishes standards for our students that stress the values of personal and academic integrity, respect for others and property, and the appreciation and acceptance of a diverse community.

To achieve this, Conflict Resolution and Civic Responsibility staff:

  • Promote an environment where the respect for the individuality of each student is valued and the principles of justice and civic responsibility are upheld and insure that all students are extended due process regardless of their abilities, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion;

  • Maintains, disseminates and educates students with regard to Community Rights and Responsibilities, the student code of conduct;

  • Provide students, faculty, and staff with access to consultation services, conflict resolution and alternative dispute mediation;

  • Empower community members to embrace and put into practice the restorative principle.