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Sponsored Funds Financial Management
Sponsored Funds | Other Expenses

Other Expenses

The following describes other common types of expenses reviewed and processed by Sponsored Funds Financial Management and the information and forms required.  Please contact your Grant Administrator should there be any question concerning these or any other expenses related to a Research Foundation Account. 

Campus Services
Services provided to Projects by some Institutional Services on Campus, such as mail and telephone are invoiced directly by that office to SFFM on one campus-wide invoice.  Please be certain to provide current account number for services, especially those which are recurring. 

Other campus services, such as Information Technology Services (ITS), will invoice the project directly.  The project may forward the invoice to Sponsored Funds Financial Management for payment along with a completed Purchase Requisition.

Services provided or items purchased must be allocable and appropriate to the Sponsored award.

UAlbany Dining/Sodexo
Projects should submit a Purchase Requisition to UAlbany Dining/Sodexo along with the event order.  UAlbany Dining/Sodexo will submit the invoice and original Purchase Requisition as well as any other supporting documentation provide by the project directly to Sponsored Funds Financial Management for payment.  Requests must be documented as with all Conference and Training or Meeting Expenses (please see below).  

Projects can bring a completed Purchase Requisition to the campus book store and have purchases direct billed to Sponsored Funds Financial Management.  Please note that the Purchase Requisition must be itemized detailing the items to be purchased.  All items purchased must be allocable and appropriate to the Sponsored Award.  Orders of $500 or more must be processed through the Office of Purchasing and Contracts.

Conference Registrations

Registration fees for conferences or training events may be also an allowable expense on an award.  The date of the conference must fall with in the dates of the award.  Payment can be made directly to the host.  Requests should be submitted on a Purchase Requisition accompanied by any completed registration form as required by the host.

Conference Registration fees can also be reimbursed to an individual.  Requests can be submitted on a purchase requisition or as part of Travel Payment Request Form for the related travel expense.  Requests must be supported by proof of payment and should include the conference announcement or agenda. 

Conference and Training or Meeting Expenses

Conference and Training or Meeting related expenses may be allowable on a sponsored award.  Requests for reimbursement of such expenses should be submitted on a purchase requisition and must include an original detailed receipt, a program announcement, agenda or brief description of the meeting, as well as a list of attendees.   Detailed or itemized receipts must be provided to document that no alcohol was purchased.  Please recall that as a tax-exempt entity, it is the policy of the Research Foundation to not pay for, nor reimburse New York State Sales Tax.

In some circumstances, it may be appropriate to contract for services related to Conferences or Meetings with a Vendor, such as a hotel.  It is essential that such contracts are presented to the appropriate office in advance of the event to ensure that all terms and conditions of the contract are acceptable, and that the contract is signed by an authorized designee of The Research Foundation.  Please contract your Grant Administrator for additional information concerning contracts.


According to Research Foundation Policy, an honorarium is payment made to a lecturer or speaker for a non-extensive or incidental speaking engagement, or when the lecturer does not request to be compensated.

A person cannot have an employment relationship and a contractor relationship with the same organization.  Therefore payment to SUNY and RF employees must be made appropriately.  It is also important to note that a lecturer with an ongoing working relationship may be more appropriately classified as an employee.

According the Research Foundation policy, honorarium payments to a SUNY academic or professional employee must comply with SUNY policy as outlined below.  Research Foundation policy precludes the payment of an honorarium to a Research Foundation employee.  Additional considerations may apply for the payment of honoraria to other individuals from a Research Foundation account.

SUNY Policy
State University of New York (SUNY) policy does not allow SUNY academics or professional employees to charge a fee to deliver a lecture at other SUNY campuses. However, SUNY policy does authorize payment of honoraria. According to SUNY policy, honoraria

  • may not be paid for work at the lecturer's home campus
  • are limited to $100 per day plus expenses

Requests for such payments up to $2,500 should be submitted on the Request for Payment for Lecturer or Speaker Form.  If the request exceeds $2,500, the request should be submitted using the Independent Contractor forms.

Membership & Subscription Fees

Membership and subscription fees may be an allowable expense to a sponsored award if the following is demonstrated; the membership creates a cost-savings to attend a conference at which research results specific to the project will be presented, or membership is mandatory in order to present a paper specific to the project or the sole purpose of the membership is to purchase a periodical at a reduced rate, and the periodical is not available through the institution's library services and the periodical is necessary for the sponsored project. 

The entire term of the membership or subscription must be encompassed within the dates of the award.  In the event that the dates exceed that of the award, the expense should be pro-rated to include only that portion allocable and appropriate to the sponsored award.  Such expenses may be paid directly to the vendor, or as a reimbursement; submitted on a Purchase Requisition.  Reimbursement requests must be accompanied by proof of payment.


The Office for Sponsored Programs will provide Sponsored Funds Financial Management with a copy the Subaward agreement, once fully executed.  In efforts to expedite the payment process, a Purchase Order is created to encumber the funds in accordance to the Subaward agreement.   

Upon receipt of invoice, the Principle Investigator or authorized project staff will be asked to review the invoice and certify that all expenses appear appropriate, that any reports due by the subrecipient have been completed and that the technical requirements are progressing

Please note that should there be any issues or concerns related to the progress of a subaward, it should be brought immediately to the attention of the Research Administrator in the Office for Sponsored Programs.

Payment of tuition is an allowable expense on a sponsored award provided that the individual holds a concurrent payroll appointment under that source in an eligible graduate student payroll title and the tuition is specifically included in the Sponsor approved budget.   

Tuition requests should be submitted on purchase requisitions and supported by appropriate documents.  Requests to pay the University Directly should be accompanied by a Third Party Invoice from the Office of Student Accounts.  Request to reimburse an individual for tuition should be supported by proof of payment.