Parking Violations

The Parking Rules and Regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including legal holidays. New York State Vehicle and Traffic laws apply to the use and operation of all motor vehicles upon all properties owned or leased by the University at Albany. Policies and procedures are subject to change with approval from appropriate authority.

Each administrative violation carries a penalty of $20.00. Each parking violation carries a penalty of $30.00, except for illegal parking in a handicap area, which carries a penalty of $100.00, and stolen/altered decal which carries a $150.00 penalty and the vehicle will be towed. Vehicles may be ticketed for multiple violations, including illegal parking, non-registration, display of unauthorized decal, and/or non-payment of the comprehensive/parking fee. As a courtesy, vehicles remaining illegally parked in the same parking space will not be held responsible for more than one ticket per calendar day.

Responsibility for all parking violations lies with the individual that registered the vehicle with the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services. If the vehicle is not registered with Parking and Mass Transit, responsibility lies with University members. University members are responsible for violations of family members.

All tickets issued for a violation will record vehicle description and licensing information, time issued, parking decal and fee tag numbers, and the badge number of the citing officer. Tickets will also note location of violation and specific offense(s), with corresponding fine.

For record keeping purposes, all tickets must have either an administrative violation or a parking violation or a parking violation coupled with an administrative violation. The ticket must include the badge number of the officer witnessing the violation and shall be served upon the offender or attached to the vehicle involved.