Working Vision and Mission Statement for Community Engagement at UAlbany

The University at Albany's long-standing commitment to community engagement is a distinctive feature of its historic mission of teaching, research and service. To recognize and leverage its extensive collaborations for greater strategic advantage, the University sets out the foundation and vision and mission for community engagement as follows.

Strategically located in New York's capital city, UAlbany has played an important, historic public service role in New York State since it was established as a state normal school in 1844. Today, UAlbany is a research university distinguished by a very high level of research activity and nine schools and colleges in the arts and sciences, business, computing and information, criminal justice, education, nanoscale science and engineering, public affairs and policy, public health and social welfare. UAlbany's distinctive academic and research strengths in these units spring largely from a strong base of external partnerships and address many needs critical to the future of the state, nation and world. Now, the University strives for increased public impact and value, along with public recognition, for its accomplishments and role in community engagement.

The University at Albany will be a leader among New York's research universities in putting knowledge and talent to work through diverse collaborations to benefit the people and communities of the region, state, nation and world.

To be nationally recognized for excellence as a community-engaged research university where faculty and staff, students, alumni, and partners from communities of diverse types, interests and locations, from local to global, collaborate strategically to:

  • Advance human and community potential and well-being;
  • Improve social, educational and scientific progress;
  • Strengthen the economy through scientific and technological innovation and new business growth;
  • Improve public policies and practices;
  • Promote social justice and cultural diversity; and
  • Inspire creative expression and understanding of the human condition.

UAlbany's community engagement mission can be more fully elaborated and communicated in relation to its core functions of research, teaching and service.

  • Community-Engaged Research and Scholarship: To enhance UAlbany's stature as a public research university by deepening and linking areas of distinctive strength through research that engages communities in knowledge-building partnerships. These collaborations will result in advancing new discoveries, producing outcomes that are important to diverse community partners, and developing widely influential models. Such engaged scholarship will enhance the stature of UAlbany faculty and students.
  • Community-Engaged Learning and Teaching: To better prepare students to be engaged citizens and leaders through reflective educational experiences that complement rigorous academic study and involve interactive learning with diverse community partners. To be a hub of learning for students of many ages.
  • Community-Engaged Service and Outreach: To add value to the life and well being of the world around us through actions that produce tangible benefits. At home in Albany and the Capital Region, to be active leaders and partners, contributing to local prosperity and serving as a magnet for young talent through vibrant intellectual and cultural exchange.

In engaging with our communities, whether defined by interests, type or place, UAlbany will seek to:

  • Be inclusive in its relationships and collaborations.
  • Develop reciprocal relationships to identify mutual needs and benefits, set agendas for positive change, implement strategies, and assess results.
  • Strengthen outcomes and learning through evidence-based research.
  • Be community-friendly in facilitating access to opportunities and resources wherever possible.
  • Welcome all community members to campus-sponsored activities and events, and in all other ways, be a valued part of the communities UAlbany serves as dedicated volunteers and engaged scholars and staff.