Students - Health and Health Care

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  • Engineering Explorations Program
    CNSE is an active participant in the Albany High School Engineering Explorations program, serving as a host for student laboratory rotations in the form of internships.
  • Internships, Practicum Rotations, Field Placements
    Interdisciplinary programs and the MS in Epidemiology and Health Policy, Management & Behavior include internships/field placements at 200+ placement sites.
  • NanoCareer Day
    CNSE’s NanoCareer Day is a daylong event at CNSE for students from throughout the region meant to address the national need to stimulate an interest in math and science.
  • NanoHigh
    NanoHigh was designed by CNSE and the City School District of Albany to increase students' knowledge of nanotechnology and the career opportunities it offers.
  • Nanotechnology Explorations for Science, Training and Education Promotion (NEXSTEP)
    NEXSTEP, spearheaded by CNSE's NanoEconomics Constellation in partnership with Key Bank and the Key Foundation, is designed to attract high-tech growth to NYS.
  • Preventive Medicine Residency Program
    The Preventive Medicine Residency Program is a nationally acclaimed program which prepares physicians for leadership careers in public health.
  • Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow Program (PHLOT)
    PHLOT provides funding for State and Local Health Department employees to seek training through academic coursework and/or leadership development initiatives.
  • UNI 390 University-wide Internships Program
    Approximately 100 students university-wide participate in an extensive internship program with for-profit, not-for-profit and government organizations each year.