Write/Develop a Funding Proposal

Help Identify Funding Opportunities
  • Provide information on external and internal funding sources;
  • Provide access to InfoEd SPIN funding database search
Assist with Proposal Preparation
  • Review and interpret sponsor guidelines to ensure compliance;
  • Prepare budget and required forms (consistent with sponsor guidelines, sponsor and University policies);
  • Assist with electronic submissions;
  • Transmit applications to sponsor.
Review, Negotiate and Accept Awards
  • Review grant and contract terms to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and University policy; 
  • Negotiate grants and contracts with sponsors;
  • Accept awards.
Establish Award Accounts
  • Establish a project account for each award;
  • Distribute award documentation to Post award offices.
Assist with Award Administration
  • Interpret sponsor terms and conditions of award in consultation with Post award offices;
  • Assist with continuation applications, renewal requests, progress and final reports;
  • Coordinate contract modifications for submission to sponsor.