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Residential Life Staff

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Central Office Staff

Name Title
Laurie Garafola Director
Carol Perrin Senior Associate Director
Charles Rogers Associate Director
Holly Barker-Flynn Director - New Student and Family Programs
Eric Grignon Assistant Director - Technology
Leandra Harris Assistant Director - University Apartments
Tremaine Harris Assistant Director - Student Conduct
Sari Khatib Assistant Director - New Student Programs
Karla Jaime-Benitez Assistant Director - Programming and Staff Development
Todd Jones Assistant Director - Facilities
Kirk Leszczynski Assistant Director - Assignments
Bryan Feener Graduate Assistant - Assignments
Chiagbanwe Enwere Graduate Assistant - Student Conduct
Hana Suhail Graduate Assistant - Technology
Andy Martinez Graduate Assistant - New Student Programs
Nathaniel Flynn Graduate Assistant - Facilities
Jasmine Abreu Graduate Assistant - Programming


Alumni Quad Staff

Name Title/Area
James Blevins Quad Coordinator
Ema Buco Residence Hall Director
Waterburry Hall
Michael Cattani Residence Hall Director
Sayles Hall, Pierce Hall
Marinel Martinez Residence Hall Director
Alden Hall
Patrick Hazilla Graduate Assistant
Mark Stevens Graduate Assistant


Colonial Quad Staff

Name Title/Area
Markus Ricks Quad Coordinator
Amanda Smith Residence Hall Director
Clinton, Delancey, Hamilton and Zenger Halls
Leah Rotella Residence Hall Director
Herkimer, Johnson, Morris and Paine Halls
Kishmar Best Residence Hall Director
Livingston Tower
Michael Hoyt Graduate Assistant
Jonathan Rojas Graduate Assistant


Dutch Quad Staff

Name Title/Area
Roberto Peguero Quad Coordinator
David Phillips Residence Hall Director
Schuyler, Van Cortlandt, Bleecker, and Beverywck Halls
Linbin Zhong Residence Hall Director
Ten Eyck, Ryckman, Van Rensselaer and Ten Broeck Halls
Lindsay Wersebe Residence Hall Director
Stuyvesant Tower
Sheliza Samuels Graduate Assistant
Michele Day Graduate Assistant
Tibisay Hernandez Graduate Assistant


Indian Quad Staff

Name Title/Area
Jameelee Ford Quad Coordinator
Mayra Raxon Residence Hall Director
Oneida, Onondaga Halls
Gregory Back Residence Hall Director
Adirondack, Cayuga and Tuscarora Halls
Jonathan Wiggins Residence Hall Director
Mahican, Montauk and Seneca Halls
Elissa Owens Residence Hall Director
Mohawk Tower
Billy Lentsch Graduate Assistant


State Quad Staff

Name Title/Area
Steve Lampedusa Quad Coordinator
Elizabeth Crumley Residence Hall Director
Melville, Steinmetz and Tappan Halls
Benjamin Rekemeyer Residence Hall Director
Futon and Irving Halls
Osbelkis Perez Residence Hall Director
Eastman Tower
Loren Bass Residence Hall Director
Anthony, Cooper and Whitman Halls
Tyler Norton Graduate Assistant


University Apartments Staff

Name Title/Area
Leandra Harris Assistant Director
Apartment Coordinator
Empire D, E, F and G Clusters
Ashley Walker Apartment Coordinator
Empire A, B and C Clusters
Kristyn Muller Apartment Coordinator
Liberty Terrace Apartments
Michael Opare-Addo Apartment Coordinator
Freedom Apartments
Leiry Santos Graduate Assistant
Liberty Terrace
Phylicia Coley Graduate Assistant
Liberty Terrace
Angela Falisi Graduate Assistant
Liberty Terrace
Brittany Frederick Graduate Assistant
Empire Commons
Kayla Gerlach Graduate Assistant
Empire Commons
Ayoade Adeyemi Graduate Assistant
Empire Commons
Marsha Decatus Graduate Assistant
Empire Commons