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Work-Study Facts:

  • Work-Study Interest has to be indicated on the FAFSA.
  • Work-Study is an opportunity to work.
  • If Work-Study is declined, Work-Study will not be offered in the future.
  • Students have to find their Work-Study job.
  • Work-Study does not apply directly to student charges.
  • Work-Study is paid bi-weekly, based on the amount of hours worked.

Federal Work-Study

Work-Study is a federal student aid program offering job opportunities to financial aid applicants who meet specific eligibility criteria. Students are paid an hourly rate and receive a paycheck every two weeks for the hours worked. Students may not earn more than the amount of Work-Study awarded.

Students must request Work-Study on the FAFSA to be considered. Funding is limited and priority consideration will be given to those students who file the FAFSA by the priority filing date (March 15 for new students and April 15 for returning students). Work-Study recipients must meet specific income eligibility requirements and demonstrate financial need. In addition, returning Work-Study students must have earned at least $1,000 of their Work-Study award in the prior year academic year. Students who decline their Work-Study award or do not earn at least $1,000 will not have their Work-Study award renewed.

Work-Study awards must be accepted on MyUAlbany by the beginning of the semester or the award will be cancelled.

Students with accepted work-study awards use the Work-Study Employment Website to search and apply for jobs online. Information regarding the Work-Study website will be sent to students with accepted Work-Study awards in early August. Work-Study is a job opportunity, not a guaranteed job.

Non-Work-Study Employment Opportunities

Students looking for work may be able to find employment opportunities on campus. To help students, the Office of Human Resources Management has created a website where students will find information about employment opportunities at UAlbany. Please visit the Student Employment Opportunities website.