The Department of Educational Theory and Practice (ETAP) is a vibrant and inclusive community of students and faculty. In this community, students and faculty dream and challenge, create and examine, test and implement the best of what education can be to meet the contemporary learning needs of society wherever those arise.

ETAP faculty have built working relations with schools, universities, businesses, corporations, and government agencies locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The Department offers programs for advanced study and research in Language and Literacy, Instructional Design and Technology, Mathematics and Science education, Teaching and Learning, and Curriculum and Instruction.

Dr. Peter Shea of the Department of Educational Theory and Practice will be recognized as a Sloan-C Fellow at the 17th Annual International Conference on Online Learning in November 2011. This fellowship recognizes individuals who have made significant, national contributions to the field of online teaching and learning. Professor Shea will be recognized for outstanding research that has advanced understanding of online learning and for noteworthy contributions to
the field of online education.


Our full-time faculty members engage in numerous national and international publication and service activities. Along with their own publication activity, thay serve as reviewers for conference proposals, journal manuscripts, and textbooks. As one representation of this professional service, the following list indicates past and current work as editorial, advisory and/or review board members


Bogazici University Journal (Kouba)
Changing English (Applebee)
Computers in Human Behavior (Bangert-Drowns)
Educational Technology Research and Development
English Journal (Agee)
International Journal of Multilingualism (Kecskes)
Journal of Intercultural Pragmatics (Kecskes - Editor)
Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (Shea – Assoc. Editor)
Journal of Literacy Research (Agee)
Journal of Research on Technology in Education
Journal of Writing Assessment (Yagelski)
Language Learning and Technology (Meskill)
Reading Research Quarterly (Agee)
Rehabilitation and Exceptionality (Haase)
Research in the Teaching of English (Agee, Applebee)
Written Communication (Applebee)
Advisory Board member for the journal _English Education (Yagelski)


Career Awards

Applebee – Reading Hall of Fame

Langer – Reading Hall of Fame, Presidential Award for Lifetime Career Achievement (Hofstra University), Excellence in the Pursuit of Knowledge (State University of New York), Honorary Doctorate (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Excellence in Research

Agee- American Educational Research Association (Division K) Kappa Delta Pi Research Award

Applebee - University at Albany and State University of New York Chancellor’s Award

Langer - Richard H. Meade Award for Outstanding Research, National Council of Teachers of English, University at Albany and State University of New York Chancellor’s Award

Early Career Award

Bangert-Drowns – Hinsdale Scholar Award for Scholarship and Professional Promise, University of Michigan

Herzig – National Science Foundation

Wilcox – Faculty Diversity Award-SUNY

Scholarship Awards

Langer - Distinguished Professor (State University of New York ), Distinguished Professor (University of Trondheim, Norway), Distinguished Visiting Scholar (Turku University, Finland) and Invited Professor (Swedish Research Council)

Teaching Awards

Herzig – University of Wisconsin

Yagelski – Purdue University and University at Albany

Leadership Awards

Shea – EDUCAUSE Award for Systematic Progress in Teaching & Learning

Awards for Outstanding Articles/Books/Software

Applebee – Conference on English Education, National Council of Teachers of English

Bangert-Drowns – Journal of Educational Research

Kecskes – Publishers’ Excellence

Kecskes - Situation-Bound Utterances in L1 and L2 Berlin: Morton de Gruyter

Kouba – Learning Magazine

Langer – Albert J. Harris Award, International Reading Association

Rodgers – American Educational Research Association – Division K


Applebee – Rockefeller Foundation

Kecskes - Rockefeller Foundation

Kecskes - Mitteleuropa Foundation, Bolzano, Italy

Langer – APA, Natl. Conference on Research in English, Rockefeller Foundation, Distinguished Benton Fellow (University of Chicago)

Spencer Fellows/Grants


Distinguished Service Positions

Bangert-Drowns – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, UAlbany School of Education

Bowman – Regent from the Third Judicial District for the State University of New York

Awards/Recognition for Work as a Graduate Student

Agee – Promising Researcher Award (National Council of Teachers of English) and Outstanding Student Research Award (Georgia Educational Research Association)

Applebee – Promising Researcher Award (National Council of Teachers of English)

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