Fitness Center

The SEFCU Fitness Center is outfitted with a wide range of equipment, designed to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you’re an avid athlete or just starting a new workout routine, the Campus Recreation Fitness Center has you covered.

Commit to quit and be Fit Program


SEFCU Fitness Center Schedule Fall 2015 (8/26-12/9)

Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm
Friday 7am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 12:30pm-6:30pm

Holiday & Exceptions

Labor Day 9/5-9/6 Closed
Labor Day 9/7 5pm-11pm
Rosh Hashanah 9/14 10am-6pm
Rosh Hashanah 9/15 10am-11pm
Yom Kippur 9/22 7am-6pm
Yom Kippur 9/23 10am-6pm
Yom Kippur 9/24 10am-11pm
Thanksgiving 11/24 7am-4pm
Thanksgiving 11/25-28 Closed
Thanksgiving 11/29 Closed
Finals Schedule 12/10-11 10am-8pm
Finals Schedule 12/12-12/13 10am-2pm
Finals Schedule 12/14-12/17 10am-8pm
Finals Schedule 12/18 10am-4pm
December 19th-January 3rd Closed
Winter Break - January 4th-January 8th 10am-2pm
Winter Break - January 11th-January 15th 10am-2pm
Winter Break - January 18th-January 19th 10am-2pm
Spring Hours Begin on January 20th


The Fitness Center is located in the SEFCU Arena and is open to anyone over 18 who is interested in using a variety equipment to stay active and be fit, including weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals, and free weights. While working out in the Fitness Center, you can watch TV on our six new LCD TV’s.

The Fitness Center is currently available at no additional charge to presently enrolled undergraduate students. Undergraduate students, and current faculty/staff must bring their SUNYCard with them to gain access to the Fitness Center.

Graduate students, general public, alumni, and family members of current staff or students can sign up.  To find out more, visit the Memberships page for more information.

Sign Up Now!

Program payments can be made at the Recreation Service Office located on the main level of the Physical Education Building in room 110A (Directions & Parking). Hours of operation during the Fall and Spring semesters are Monday-Thursday 7am-11p, Friday 7am-8pm and Saturday and Sunday 12:30pm-6:30pm. Some exclusions may apply, please refer to the Membership Services Schedule for more information.

The Recreation Services Office s now accepting debit and credit cards. Check and money order payments are also accepted.  Cash is not an accepted form of payment.

Program payments can also be made online by clicking here. Please note that after online payments are made, patrons will still need to visit the Recreation Services Office to pick up their membership card.

For questions about Campus Recreation memberships, visit the Recreation Services Office, call (518)437-3739 or e-mail


Fitness Equipment Guidelines

The fitness staff is available for equipment orientation. For any further instructions, please contact the Assist Director of Fitness and Wellness at (518) 442-2627.

Free Weight Equipment

1. Use the following cues when assisting with free weight exercises:
  • Do not hold breath during exercise.
  • Clear the general area of any obstacles.
  • Do not attempt an unreasonable amount of weight.
2. Do not attempt to save a failed repetition. Let the bar fall to the floor or gradually lower it to your chest and roll it off the body.
3. When using a squat rack: set supporting pins at armpit height and perform all exercises inside the rack.
4. Collars must always be used to secure weights.
5. If using accessories with a cable machine make sure they are attached securely before performing the exercise.
6. All exercises should be performed in a slow, smooth motion.
7. The use of a spotter is highly recommended.
8. Spotting Guidelines:
  • When using a spotter, it is important to communicate with the participant about bar lift off and racking cues as well as the amount of assistance needed prior to the beginning of each set. During barbell lift, position yourself closest to the bar and always support the bar. During dumbbell exercises, always support wrist, elbows or weight, (there should only be one joint between the weight and the spotter).
  • Do not attempt to spot if you do not feel comfortable with the exercise or individual.

Selectorized Equipment

1. Follow the instructions posted on the equipment for general guidelines.
2. Fully insert selectorized pin into weight stack for machine exercises.
3. Do not hold breath during exercise.
4. All exercises should be performed in a slow smooth motion.

Cardio Equipment

1. Utilize all safety features: clips, handrails, foot pedals, etc.

Fitness Center Policies

1. All patrons must have a valid UAlbany ID.
2. No gum, food, or drinks (except water in closed, plastic containers) is allowed.
3. Sandals, flip flops, crocs, boots, black-soled shoes, jeans, and any pants with buttons or hardware (zippers/rivets) and skirts are prohibited.
4. Athletic shoes must be worn at all times.
5. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
6. Shirts are required at all times. Cutoffs, midriffs, or altered shirts are prohibited.


Olympic lifting is prohibited- this includes cleans, snatches, and jerks.
8. Do not drop weights. Do not allow machine places to slam down.
9. Equipment should only be used for its intended use.
10. Exercises that cannot be performed in a safe manner or pose any risk to others are prohibited.
11. Weight collars, pins, clips & machine safety hooks MUST be used. Spotters are recommended.
12. Re-rack all weights/plates to their designated storage areas.
13. Benches must be kept out of walkway. Decline benches may not be moved.
14. No weight lifting chalk is permitted.
15. Bars may not be removed from their racks for use in exercises other than the lifts meant for that station.
16. Please report equipment failures to the staff on duty.
17. Wipe off controls, seats, pads, and railings before and after using equipment.
18. Personal trainers not hired or authorized by the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation may not train clients within the SEFCU Fitness Center.
19. The use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited prior to and within the SEFCU Fitness Center.
Courtesy 1 Busy in Fitness Center? Please keep cardio to 30 minutes as a courtesy to others.
Courtesy 2 If performing multiple sets on a piece of equipment, please allow others to work in with you.