Fitness Center Equipment

The SEFCU Fitness Center is outfitted with a wide range of equipment, designed to meet the needs of everyone.  Whether you’re an avid athlete or just starting a new workout routine, the SEFCU Fitness Center has you covered.  Please see below for a comprehensive list of our state-of-the-art equipment.

Cardio Offerings

Precore Elliptical Machines Precore ARC Trainers       
Precore Treadmills Stationary Bikes


Strength Circuit

Hammerstrength Leg Press   Hammerstrength Incline Press
Precor Leg Press Precor Leg Curl
Precor Abduction/Adduction   Precor Glute Extension
Precor Overhead Press Precor Lat Pull-down
Precor Biceps Curl Precor Seated Dip
Precor Chest Press Precor Seated Row
Precor Chin/ Dip Assist Precor Fly/ Rear Deltoids
Precor Ab Crunch Precor Torso Rotation
Precor Back Extension  


Free Weight/Modular Station

Hoist Olympic Benches Hoist Smith Machine
Hoist Power Squat Cage        Hoist Incline/ Decline Benches
Hoist Jungle Gym Hoist Preacher Curl
Hoist Cable Crossover York Dumbbells
Hoist Triceps Press Hoist Lat Pull
Hoist Low Row  Hoist Multi-grip Chin Up 


 Supplemental Amenities

Resolute stretch mats   Balance balls               
Medicine balls  6 LCD TV's