Family Swim

Fall/Spring: Saturday & Sunday 12:30 PM - 6 PM

Family Swim hours are designated to provide UAlbany students and its members and opportunity to recreate with their dependent children and/or spouse (significant other).

1. Family Swim is available to children and guest (at no additional charge) of Students, Faculty, Staff or Members who have purchased a minimum of a semester long membership.  Parents will need to complete the general waiver form for their child/children or guest.  Only one sign in sheet needs to be filled out for each new child or guest for the entire semester.

2.  Each adult with membership access is able to bring 1 other adult guest over the age of 18 and no more than 2 children per adult present.  (i.e. 1 adult= 2 children max, 2 adults= 4 children max)

3. Children over the age of 4 are not permitted in the locker room of the opposite sex.  There is a small bathroom just off the pool deck for access to each respective locker room/shower area.

4. Children and guest must adhere to all swim policies posted in the Aquatics Center.

5. Non-potty trained children must wear tight fitted rubber pants or specially designed swim diapers in the pool.

6. Weak or non-swimmers (including all those requiring flotation device) MUST remain in shallow water and be directly supervised by a responsible adult.  The adult must be in the water with the child and be able to immediately reach the child.  Adults with weak or non-swimmers are therefore NOT permitted to swim laps while the child is in the water.

8. The use of floatation aids or devices by weak or non-swimmers is prohibited.  This includes water wings, baby floats, inner tubes, kick boards, pull-buoys, etc.  Only Coast Guard approved life jackets are permitted.  Balls, toys, etc. are also not allowed in the pool area unless used as part of an instructional activity supported by the UAlbany Campus Recreation Aquatics program.

9. The Family Swim area is located in lanes 1 and 2, located near the removable steps.  In order to access the deep end of the pool, a swim test is required.  Swim tests consist of 50 yard continuous swim.  Children will be allowed to use noodles/kickboards, etc. once the swim test is passed.