• Equipment check-out is available to UAlbany Students, Faculty, and Staff with a SUNY ID card only. If you do not have a UAlbany card, you will not be able to check out any equipment from Recreation Services.
  • A patron must be present at time of check in and out and must present their SUNY ID.
  • An Equipment Check-out form must be completed by Campus Recreation staff for each piece of equipment checked out. The patron’s signature on this form indicates agreement with the policies described below.
  • Sponsored guests and visitors are not eligible for equipment check-out.

Check-Out & Return

  • Eligible patrons may check-out no more than one of each item (see equipment list below).
  • Equipment checked-out through Recreation Services is restricted to use at the UAlbany Campus Recreation facilities (i.e. PE and SEFCU buildings, outdoor fields on the UAlbany campus)
  • At the time of equipment check-out, a Campus Recreation staff member and patron will pre-inspect equipment, confirming good condition.
  • Eligible patrons checking-out equipment must return equipment clean, thoroughly dry and in good condition.
  • All returns require that the check-out form be completed with the time returned.
  • Eligible patrons checking-out equipment must return said equipment to Recreation Services 10 minutes before close on the same day of check-out.
  • Any equipment not returned by 10 minutes prior to building closing will be billed as lost equipment.
  • Equipment that is lost or damaged will be billed to the patron whom said equipment was checked-out to.

Available Equipment

Recreation Services has the following items available for eligible patrons:

Basketballs Volleyballs
Soccer Balls Tennis Rackets
Frisbees Racquetball Rackets
Racquetballs Kickballs
Tennis Balls Field Marker