Center for International Education and Global Strategies

Office of Education Abroad

Students in all majors may apply for an international program that will complement their studies at Albany. Education abroad allows students to experience other cultures to develop new academic perspectives, and develop expertise in working in cross-cultural teams. The State University of New York offers opportunities to study in more than 100 countries on 7 continents.

The State University of New York offers over 600 international programs. A complete listing of programs and detailed information about them is available in the Office of Education Abroad, SL G40, and online at Email or phone 518-591-8172 for more information.

The University at Albany organizes more than 130 different education abroad options each year, including full year, semester, summer, and winter session courses. Program types include direct enrollment, intensive language courses, service learning, research, internships, and faculty-led courses. Credits earned overseas count toward overall graduation requirements and may satisfy requirements in the major, minor, or General Education Program.

Other four-year State University of New York campuses offer additional programs for which Albany students are eligible. Students participating on any SUNY program register on the Albany campus, which permits them to maintain eligibility for financial aid. Students participating in two-year community college, contract college, or non-SUNY programs during the academic year request a leave for approved study from the Albany campus for the duration of the program.