Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses

The following undergraduate courses offered by the specified school or college during 2014-2015 are considered liberal arts and sciences courses for the purposes of degree requirements for the B.A. and B.S. degrees.

(A) College of Arts and Sciences: 
all courses except A EAJ 423, A ECO 495, A HEB 450, A MAT 204, A MUS 315, A THR 315
(B) School of Business: 
B BUS 250, B LAW 200, B LAW 220, B MGT 341, B MGT 430, B MGT 481, B MKT 351, B ITM 215
(C) Nanoscale Science and Engineering Program: 
all courses except N ENG 405, N ENG 408, N ENG 411, N ENG 444
(D) Division of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation: 
no courses
(E) School of Education: 
E APS 301, E APS 400, E APS 470; E CPY 360, ECPY 462; all E EST courses; E PSY 420; E RDG 487; E SPE 369, E SPE 460; E SPY 360; E TAP 403
(H) School of Public Health:
H HPM 310, H HPM 381; all H SPH courses
(I) College of Engineering and Applied Sciences:  
all I CSI courses; I INF 100, I INF 201, I INF 301, I IST 457, I IST 473Z, I INF 499W
(R) School of Criminal Justice
all courses
(R) Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy: 
all R PAD courses except R PAD 110, R PAD 111, R PAD 210, R PAD 211, R PAD 380, R PAD 381, R PAD 480, R PAD 481; all R POS courses
(R) School of Social Welfare: 
R SSW 200, R SSW 210, R SSW 220, R SSW 301, R SSW 322, R SSW 408, R SSW 409, R SSW 450, R SSW 499
(T) Honors College Courses:
all courses
(U) University-wide Courses: 
all U FSP courses, all U UNI courses, all U UNL courses