College of Computing and Information

Interim Dean 
 Sue R. Faerman, Ph.D. (Distinguished Teaching Professor, Collins Fellow)
  University at Albany

Assistant Deans
 Nan Carroll, M.P.A.
  Harvard University
 Jennifer J. Goodall, Ph.D.
  University at Albany
 Daphne Jorgensen, CAS (Curriculum and Instruction), M.L.S.
  University at Albany

The College of Computing and Information believes whether you want to solve a complex problem at work, help a community group or post a video on YouTube, you need to know how to use technology. We are living in the Information Age. The mission of the College of Computing and Information is to support world-class, discipline-based and interdisciplinary research, and educational programs related to computing and information. The College currently offers several undergraduate major and minor programs, as well as a number of introductory and advanced courses for those wanting to know more about information and computing technologies. All three departments in the College support graduate education as well as offering undergraduates an opportunity to study in a research-oriented environment.

All College of Computing and Information courses are preceded by the prefix letter I.

The following undergraduate courses offered by the College of Computing and Information are considered liberal arts and science courses for purposes of degree requirements for the B.A. or B.S. degrees: All I CSI; I INF 201; I IST 100, 301, 361, 457, 473Z, 499W.