Program in Classics: Greek and Roman Civilization


Professors Emeriti
 John C. Overbeck, Ph.D. 
  University of Cincinnati
 Hans A. Pohlsander, Ph.D.
  University of Michigan
 Paul W. Wallace, Ph.D.
  Indiana University

 Associate Professor Emerita
 Sylvia Barnard, Ph.D.
  Yale University

Associate Professor
 Stuart Swiny, Ph.D., Anthropology Department
  University of London

Adjunct Associate Professor
 Gregory I Stevens, Ph.D.
  University of Michigan

 Joan Early, D.A.
  University at Albany
 Daniel Gremmler, D.A.
  University at Albany
 Marvin W. Kushnet, M.D.
  New York University
 Mary Lou Vredenburg
  Florida State University

The Classics Program, housed in the Department of Art and Art History, offers courses in Greek and Roman Civilization (in English), primarily in the disciplines of Mediterranean Archaeology and Art or Classical Literature and Culture. Courses in Latin are periodically offered through the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.