Courses in Educational Administration & Policy Studies

E APS 301 (formerly E EST 301) Issues in American Higher Education (3)
Study of the structure and function of American higher education in the light of contemporary problems. Prerequisite(s): junior or senior standing.

E APS 400 United States Educational Governance, Policy, and Administration (3)
Historical and current trends in educational governance, policymaking, and administration. Analyses of K-12 and higher education issues at the federal, state, and local levels. Special emphasis on education reform issues specific to New York State.

E APS 470 Introduction to Law and Education (3)
Legal rights and responsibilities of professional personnel and students in K–12 American education, with an emphasis on constitutional principles. Topics include: public-private distinction, freedom of speech, free exercise of religion, academic freedom and tenure, and due process and equal protection guarantees.


E APS 487 Institute in Education (1-9)
Special course, not part of the pattern of regular offerings, designed to meet particular nonrecurring needs. May be repeated for credit when content varies.


E EST 120 Toleration (3)
Interdisciplinary study of the theory, practice, and problems of tolerance. Stressing the historical origins of, the theoretical justifications for, and the sociopolitical conditions conducive to tolerance as well as those factors impeding it.


E EST 300 Social Foundations of Education (3)
Inquiry into educational policies, purposes, and ideas based upon the resources and insights of the humanities and the social sciences. Prerequisite(s): junior or senior standing.


E EST 497 Independent Study in Educational and Social Thought (3)
Independent reading, study, and research in educational and social thought. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite(s): junior or senior class standing, and consent of department.