ROTC Courses

R PAD 110 Leadership and Personal Development (1)
This course introduces students to the personal challenges and competencies that are critical for effective leadership. Students will learn how the personal development of life skills such as goal setting, time management, physical fitness, and stress management relate to leadership, officership, and the Army profession. The focus is on developing basic knowledge and comprehension of Army leadership dimensions while gaining a big picture understanding of the ROTC program, its purpose in the Army, and its advantages for the student. An action-oriented course, the laboratory introduces students to marksmanship, rappelling, and map and compass techniques. Prerequisite(s): not open to juniors and seniors without instructor approval. S/U graded.

R PAD 111 Introduction to Tactical Leadership (1)
This course is an overview of leadership fundamentals such as setting direction, problem-solving, listening, presenting briefs, providing feedback, and using effective writing skills. Students explore dimensions of leadership attributes and core leader competencies in the context of practical, hands-on, and interactive exercises. Prerequisite(s): R PAD 110 or permission of instructor. S/U graded.

R PAD 210 Foundations of Leadership (1)
This course explores the dimensions of creative and innovative tactical leadership strategies and styles by examining team dynamics and two historical leadership theories that form the basis of the Army leadership framework. Aspects of personal motivation and team building are practiced planning, executing and assessing team exercises. Students are introduced to rappelling, and map and compass techniques. Prerequisite(s): R PAD 111 or permission of instructor. S/U graded.

R PAD 211 Foundations of Tactical Leadership (1)
This course examines the challenges of leading tactical teams in the complex operational environments (OE). This course highlights dimensions of terrain analysis, patrolling, and operation orders. Further study of the theoretical basis of the Army Leadership Requirements Model explores the dynamics of adaptive leadership in the context of military operations. Students develop greater self awareness as they assess their own leadership styles and practice communication and team-building skills. OE case studies give insight into the importance and practice of teamwork and tactics in real-world scenarios. Prerequisite(s): R PAD 210 or permission of instructor. S/U graded.

R PAD 380 Applied Military Leadership I (2)
Teaches students the cadet leadership development program, used throughout the course to assess leadership skills. Instruction in fundamentals and characteristics of military operations. Practical application of decision-making, planning, and execution of troop leading procedures. Addresses motivational theory and techniques, the role and action of leaders, and risk assessment. Prerequisite(s): R PAD 211, or permission of instructor. S/U graded.

R PAD 381 Applied Military Leadership II (2)
Focuses on leadership and tactical operations. Opportunities to plan and conduct individual and collective training for military organizations. Synthesizes the various components of training, leadership, and team building. Upon completion of the course, students will possess the fundamental confidence and competence to be a leader in a military setting. Prerequisite(s): R PAD 380. S/U graded.

R PAD 480 Advanced Military Management and Leadership I (2)
Concentrates on leadership, management, and ethics. Focuses on attaining knowledge and proficiency in several critical skills for Army officers, such as staff activities, counseling theory, and training management. Prerequisite(s): R PAD 381. S/U graded.

R PAD 481 Advanced Military Management and Leadership II (2)
Introduces how the Army organizes for operations from the tactical to strategic levels. Instruction in military administration and logistics. Concludes with a capstone exercise that incorporates knowledge from the entire military science curriculum. Prerequisite(s): R PAD 480. S/U graded.