Courses in Law

B LAW 200 Legal Environment of Business (3)
Stresses the basic legal concepts around which our society is structured; their applications in modern business society; legal procedures; terminology, and legal principles in operation.

B LAW 220 Business Law (3)
Legal principles underlying business relations, including contracts, commercial paper, significant articles of the Uniform Commercial Code, and government and business. Accounting majors must complete this course and not B LAW 200.

B LAW 321 Law of Business Organization (3)
Legal concept of agency, partnership, corporations and bankruptcy, the Uniform Partnership Act, and Business Corporation Law.

B LAW 421 Law of Property (3)
Law of real and personal property, including mortgages and conveyances, landlord and tenant relationships. Prerequisite(s): B LAW 220.

B LAW 422 Trust and Estate Law (3)
Covers presentation of material concerning living and testamentary trusts; analysis of the requirements of a will, including its preparation, execution, and probate; administration of estates of individuals dying with and without wills.