School of Education

Office of the Dean

Jason E. Lane, Dean
Cheryl Dozier, Associate Dean for Academic Advancement
Alison Ciesielski Olin, Assistant Dean for Personnel and Planning
Christine Smith, Assistant Dean for Academics and Assessment
(518) 442-4988

Drawing on its rich tradition of excellence, the School of Education’s mission is to enhance learning and human development, in and out of classrooms, and across the life span. The School seeks to advance knowledge about the full spectrum of challenges in learning, development, behavior, and adaptation.

The School of Education brings multidisciplinary expertise to bear on policy and practice about the changing needs of students, professionals, and educational systems, locally, nationally, and across the globe. We view questions of theory, research, practice, and policy as complementary and interrelated, and from this perspective, seek to:

  • Discover innovative research-based knowledge and solutions for the problems facing individuals, families, professionals, and educational systems;
  • Prepare outstanding professionals for classrooms, schools, communities, higher education, and policy forums;
  • Produce rigorous scholars to carry out the next generation of discovery and innovation; and
  • Provide visionary leadership for educational policy and change, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The School of Education offers over 40 different Master's, Certificate, and Doctoral degree programs. The school is organized into four departments: Educational & Counseling Psychology, Educational Policy & Leadership, Educational Theory and Practice, and Literacy Teaching and Learning.

The School of Education offers an undergraduate major in Human Development and a minor in Educational Studies, and effective Fall 2017, a minor in Leadership and effective in Fall 2020 and minor in Pre-Education. Requirements for the major are outlined under the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology. Requirements for the minors are outlined in the Minors section of this bulletin.

Undergraduate students are advised that to obtain teacher certification at the University at Albany, students must complete a B.A./B.S. with an appropriate academic major and then be accepted into an appropriate M.S. in Education.

The following undergraduate courses offered by the School of Education are considered liberal arts and sciences courses for the purpose of requirements for the B.A. and B.S. degrees: E EPL 120, E EPL 201, E EPL 202, E EPL 300, E EPL 301, E EPL 350, E EPL 400, E EPL 470; E CPY 360, E CPY 462; E PSY 224; E PSY 250; E PSY 330; E PSY 420; E PSY 481; E SPE 369, E SPE 460; E SPY 360; E TAP 403

All courses in the School of Education are preceded by the prefix letter E.

Pathways Into Education Center (PIE)

Pathways Into Education (PIE) Center is the central office on campus serving undergraduates and prospective students interested in pursuing careers in education as well as graduate students enrolled in degree programs that lead to teacher certification.

The PIE Center:

  • Coordinates undergraduate students’ access to programs and opportunities in education, such as the Educational Studies minor, E PSY 390 Community Service, Kappa Delta Pi, and the Future Educator’s Club.
  • Serves as the University’s central source for information about careers in education.
  • Directs students toward the educational careers best suiting their interests and talents.

Contact the PIE Center at:
(518) 442-3529
[email protected]