Courses in Literacy Teaching and Learning

E LTL 404 (formerly E RDG 404) Children's Literature (3)
Students read and respond to multiple genres of children’s literature, including nonfiction texts, across both print and electronic platforms. Topics include: supporting and appreciating students’ complex responses to literature; analyzing the symbiotic relationship of words and pictures in visual texts; using technology to promote literary understanding; and meeting the standards by designing literature instruction informed by critical literacy perspectives. Prerequisite: permission of department.

E LTL 406 (formerly E RDG 406) Young Adult Literature (3)
Students read and respond to multiple genres of literature for young adults, including nonfiction texts. Topics include: understanding how adolescents build identities and worldviews through  engagements with literature; supporting and extending students’ responses to literature through dialogic teaching; designing literature instruction to support close readings of complex texts informed by literary theory and  disciplinary knowledge; using technology to promote literary understanding; analyzing the symbiotic relationship between words and pictures in visual, digital, and multigenre texts.

E LTL 410 (formerly E RDG 410) Literacy in Social Contexts (3)
This course examines historical and contemporary aspects of literacy, focusing particularly on the relation between literacy and forms of social and cultural life. Topics include: (1) perspectives on literacy; (2) the role of literacy in society; (3) implications of diversity on literacy development; (4) relationships among diverse communities of practice.

E LTL 487 (formerly E RDG 487) Institute in Education (2-9)
A special program, not part of the pattern of regular offerings, designed to meet particular nonrecurring needs. Available for department use and subject to department approval.