Community and Public Service Program

The Community and Public Service Program (CPSP) provides students with opportunities to engage with public, non-profit, and campus organizations in exchange for elective credits. Settings include healthcare, education, criminal justice, social services, state government, and social action, to name a few. With more than 400 organizations to choose from, the CPSP, administered by the School of Social Welfare, offers a wide range of opportunities for students from all majors to serve in the community. 

Students may enroll in R SSW 290 Community and Public Service Program, which requires 100 hours of service for 3 credits, R SSW 291 Human Service in the Community which requires 60 hours of service for 2 credits, or R SSW 190 Community Engagement, which requires 35 hours of service for 1 credit. These courses are graded S/U and require the development of individual learning objectives. Students who have successfully completed R SSW 290 or R SSW 291 may enroll in R SSW 390 Community and Public Service Program II, which is graded A-E. This course requires 100 hours of service and advanced academic requirements for 3 credits. 

The CPSP service learning experience positively influences the capacities of public and non-profit organizations in the Capital Region while students develop or strengthen their individual commitments to community service and civic engagement. In addition, CPSP courses help students integrate their service experience with future academic and career goals. The CPSP staff is available to help students select an appropriate placement and to assist them in satisfactorily completing the course requirements. Each student is supervised on-site, and the field supervisors communicate student progress directly to the CPSP Office. For more information, visit, come by Social Sciences 112 or call (518) 442-5683.