Amanda N. Prescott, Esq., B.A.’08

The Importance of Leverage

By Carol Olechowski

Amanda N. Prescott, Esq., B.A.’08

When former English major Amanda N. Prescott decided to attend law school, she found her University at Albany degree a great asset.

“The core of being a successful attorney is the ability to be an excellent and efficient writer,” says Prescott, who minored in women’s studies and criminal justice. “All law-school exams are essays; therefore, I was able to leverage my writing skills to excel on my final examinations and become a member of the Law Review [at the City University of New York School of Law, Queens College]. All of my English courses at UAlbany assisted me in being the skilled writer I am today. Because of my English degree, I’m also able to articulate proficiently and clearly in court while advocating for my clients.

“Moreover, attending the University at Albany has been a tremendous boost to my legal career,” added Prescott, a 27-year-old associate attorney with the firm of Malapero & Prisco LLP. “I interned at the New York State Assembly for a semester, and it was through those connections and experiences that I was able to obtain internships and clerkships with New York Supreme Court and U.S. District Court judges while in law school.”

Prescott practices insurance-defense law in all five New York City boroughs. “I represent several insurance companies in various civil lawsuits ranging from slip-and-falls to labor-law disputes. I negotiate settlements on behalf of the companies; if no settlement can be reached, I handle all discovery and court appearances until trial,” she said.