Lisette Miranda, B.A.'06

Mentoring in Madrid

By Jim Sciancalepore, M.A. ’93

Lisette Miranda, B.A.’06

Photo credit: Gayana G Photography

Lisette Miranda is helping to foster confident, adaptable women … a few interns at a time.

As the founder of Professional Internships for Networking and Connections (PINC), Miranda has developed a life-shaping experience for women aged 18 and over. The program, which just hosted its first five participants this summer, involves spending eight weeks in Madrid in a combination of internship placement and cultural immersion. Participants gain valuable work experience at a variety of companies and take important steps outside their comfort zones.

 “You have to be ambitious and adventurous to do a program like this,” explained Miranda. “But we provide a safe, structured way to have this experience.”

“Ambitious” and “adventurous” are also good words to describe Miranda. After a few years of working in marketing in Manhattan, the 2006 UAlbany graduate moved to Madrid, where she became certified as an English teacher. She then worked her way into top marketing positions at two educational companies. Inspired by a strong female mentor, she decided to pursue her vision for PINC … basing it in a country she had grown to love.

“Madrid is my second home,” said the 30-year-old New York City native.

Miranda ultimately hopes that PINC will evolve into a community of “alumni” – women who have this unique, shared experience and serious ambition. “We’re looking to empower future female leaders,” said Miranda.