Stacey Gammon, B.S./M.S. ’06

Pet Projects

By Jim Sciancalepore, M.A.’93

UAlbany graduate

If the folks at Google will pardon the pun, Stacey Gammon is truly an embodiment of the phrase “Google Plus.”

Gammon, who simultaneously earned her B.S. and M.S. in computer science in four years at UAlbany, is currently a senior software engineer for the Internet giant’s AdWords Editor Team. Her team is responsible for providing solutions to help large advertisers manage their immensely complex “adword” accounts. But she also has another passion: pet photography.

Gammon, 30, has photographed a veritable zoo of animals for a range of customers, from animal shelters and rescue organizations to private pet owners. It started a few years ago when she volunteered to take shots of a rescue dog to help the four-legged friend find a home. And Gammon was hooked.

“I absolutely love doing pet photography,” explained Gammon. “I love that I’m able to use my creativity and – most importantly – I get to help shelters and other organizations that do such important work.”

Gammon is grateful that Google’s corporate culture not only allows but truly encourages employees to pursue their passions outside work.

“Google is super supportive of outside pursuits, especially activities that are creative or community-oriented,” she said. “They know that happy people are better employees.”