Steve Severin, B.S.’08

A Path to Success

By Carol Olechowski

Steve Severin, B.S.’08

Photo credit: Marty Heitner

Twenty-eight-year-old Steve Severin possesses the knowledge and determination necessary to succeed in any field. But he credits the University at Albany’s business curriculum and career services as “key contributors to my success in my current career path, information-technology audit.” 

Severin majored in business administration and graduated cum laude. Today, as assistant vice president, Technology Audit, at Citi in New York’s Financial District, “I manage and execute information-technology risk and control assessments, from project scoping to report-issuance phase, and assess inherent and residual risks in order to develop and execute key information-technology application-audit test procedures.” Severin’s other responsibilities include “leading client-walkthrough meetings in order to assess design and implementation of key control areas, and aiding in the development of value-added management action plans for findings identified during fieldwork.”

A double concentration in finance and information technology, Severin adds, “allowed me to hone my skills and excel in the business world. Without the 
faculty and educational services provided by UAlbany, I would not be where I am today.”