Lisa Fund, B.S.’05

A Firm Commitment to UAlbany

By Carol Olechowski

Lisa Fund, B.S.’05

"UAlbany helped me build a solid foundation to ensure I have a successful future,” says Lisa Fund, 30. “The University taught me how to balance my time, and confirmed the importance of giving back to the community and being involved with the Alumni Association. Without strong support from the athletics and math departments, the School of Business and many mentors, I do not think I would be where I am today.”

Fund today is at Goldman Sachs in New Jersey. Hired as an analyst in July 2005, shortly after earning a degree in mathematics, she has since held “a variety of roles” with the firm. Currently, as manager of a Global Strategy and Change Management team in the Securities Operations Control & Quality Management Group, Fund oversees “global projects to help the organization optimize controls, create efficiency and enhance service levels.” The work affords her opportunities for extensive travel: Recent business has taken her primarily to Salt Lake City, “where we have a large presence.” 

Fund helps Goldman Sachs recruit for Operations at various campuses and serves as a mentoring champion. She is also involved with the company’s various diversity-affinity networks.

Outside of Goldman Sachs, Fund volunteers with the Global Circle Steering Committee of the non-profit American Jewish World Service, a group of young professionals that supports AJWS’ efforts “to alleviate poverty, hunger and disease among the most marginalized people and communities in the developing world.” The organization also advocates for “gender equality, global hunger relief, global health initiatives and basic 
human rights.” 

Fund’s philanthropic interests extend to the University. The GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) alumna and former captain of the women’s tennis team has spoken at math graduation and various open houses, “sharing what UAlbany offers and what a great education I received.” She also responded to an Alumni Association challenge to encourage leadership gifts from young alumni by endowing a scholarship fund. The award will support a female student intending to follow academic and career paths similar to Fund’s.  

“Having the Alumni Association match half of the endowment minimum is a fantastic way to encourage and enable younger alumni to start an endowment,” observes Fund. “Each year, I try to give a donation to UAlbany, and I thought that [the scholarship] would be a great way to confirm my commitment to the University and be able to impact a student’s career. I am looking forward to congratulating the first scholarship recipient in the next few years and following her successes, along with those of future recipients!”