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MyUAlbany Offers Host of New Services

by Mary Fiess (September 12, 2003)

With a click of a mouse, UAlbany faculty, staff, and students now have access to a host of new services online via the University’s Web site.

On June 16, My UAlbany – the name selected for the new online services – went live, launching a new era in how Univer sity business is conducted.

Students now register for classes online, faculty now submit grades online, and staff across the University now manage many more records through an integrated online system. Faculty can readily access up-to-the-minute class rosters and information to assist them in advising students. Students can easily view their academic records, check financial aid and billing information, and update their personal information.

“By the first day of fall classes, the number of class registrations conducted online totaled 35,400, including registrations for summer classes. Faculty entered more than 4,000 grades for summer courses,” reported Chief Information Officer Christine Haile. “So far we are very pleased with how the system is functioning and how the University community is putting it to work. Enormous credit goes to the literally hundreds of staff who worked on this project.”

The launch of MyUAlbany is the latest and most significant step in a process that began in 1997 when the University decided to move to a Web-based records system to streamline and improve student services and administrative operations.

“We had many separate systems of record-keeping – for example, SIRS (Student Information Records System), financial aid, students accounts – that didn’t talk to one another. That situation meant duplication of work by staff across the campus and, of course, meant that students often had to go to different offices to get information they wanted,” noted Marybeth Salmon, director of University Applications Development, who was hired by the University to implement a whole new Integrated Administrative System – as the project is known.

The University purchased PeopleSoft software, which is used by many higher education institutions, and then began the complex process of making it work for the University at Albany. PeopleSoft “offers many choices” about how records are set up and managed, and the Uni ver sity needed to analyze its old systems and processes and decide how PeopleSoft software would be implemented to integrate and streamline those processes, said Salmon.

Piece by piece, construction of the new system proceeded. By 2001, three parts – the processing of undergraduate and graduate applications; a new human resources records system that incorporated self-service reporting of leave by University employees; and “all funds reporting” – went live. The new Web-based system for student applications gave admissions staff new tools to better track and manage applications; all funds reporting gave account managers up-to-the-minute summaries of budget allocations, expenditures, encumbrances, and balances.

The launch of MyUAlbany this summer marked the completion of the new student records system that replaces SIRS.

“We moved the records of 79,000 students (students enrolled at the University since 1998) and 1.2 million enroll ments (all courses for which students registered since 1998) into the new system,” said Salmon.

Training sessions, offered by UAlbany’s Information Technology Services (ITS), began last spring and are continuing this fall to assist faculty and staff in using the new system. A complete schedule is available through the new ITS Web site at:

“This new system has tremendous capabilities which we are just beginning to tap,” says Haile. “As we make the transition from our old systems to this new one, I think it’s important to remember that we spent many years refining our old systems to get them to do exactly what we wanted. It will take some time for us to fully realize the potential of our new system, but it is undoubtedly already providing us with new tools to better serve our University community.”


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