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The Collins Fellow Award is named for the late Evan Revere Collins, who served the University as president from 1949 to 1969. It is presented to senior members of the teaching faculty to recognize “extraordinary devotion to the University and the people in it over a sustained period of time.”

This year's awardees are:

Professor Paul A. Leonard of The School of Business
Paul Leonard’s nominator, Professor David Smith, referred to his “…refined, statesmanlike manner and broad-minded approach.” Other supporters spoke of a superb work ethic, an incredible attention to detail – coupled with the ability to synthesize that detail instantly into sharply-defined concepts – and a splendid sense of humor.

Dr. Leonard has been a member of the UAlbany faculty since 1979, when his service to the campus began. He has served repeatedly on the Senate, as chair and member of numerous Senate councils, and on a myriad of other University-level committees. He has served as both a member and chair of the Council on Promo tions and Contin uing Appoint ment (CPCA) – probably the most time-demanding of any of the governance bodies. The current chair of CPCA, Distinguished Service Professor Glenna Spitze, describes his contributions as his “deep commitment to academic excellence, integrity, and equity, [which] makes his contributions exceedingly valuable. He reviews every case very seriously, providing extensive, thoughtful commentary delivered in a spirit of collegiality. He is often able to help the Council’s membership reach understandings and bridge differences through his careful, reasoned approach.”

This same sentiment is echoed throughout the descriptions of Professor Leonard’s service commitment to the University. Again, from his nominator, David Smith: “Professor Leonard has also been a non-chair member of countless other committees, both at the University and school levels. All colleagues would confirm that [he] does not merely occupy a seat in meeting rooms, he brings a fervent commitment to accomplishing the goals of each group. That his committees maintain a spotless record of follow-through, of achieving their goals, is no accident.”

Paul Leonard seems to be called upon to serve on any organized body that requires experience, complete commitment to the task at hand, and rock-solid judgment. Several of his supporters said that simply having him in the room adds to the quality of deliberation. Invariably, he is completely prepared, has analyzed the data to be discussed, and brings to the table the rare ability to present his synthesis of that data in a manner that clarifies the issue for all participants.

Additionally, he is a superb teacher, having been recognized with both of the School of Business Excellence Awards for Teaching (undergraduate and graduate), and by the University with the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is known to be extremely demanding of his students, while at the same time committed to spending enormous time preparing for his classes and providing his students with personal and on-line assistance.

This year, Professor Leonard will continue his enormous service commitment to the University by serving as interim dean of the School of Business.

Professor Edelgard Wulfert of The Department of Psychology
Professor “Elga” Wulfert joined the University at Albany family in 1988. Her service to the University since that time has been simply extra ordinary. She epitomizes the faculty member who goes far beyond any reasonable expectation to assist the University, the College of Arts and Sciences, and her department in achieving their respective missions, and she is also dedicated completely in her concern for, and active involvement in, the well-being of students.

The “service” portion of Dr. Wulfert’s curriculum vitae is as diverse as it is long. However, her service at the campus-wide level has been concentrated in the most demanding of positions; specifically, those that require the most time, the greatest attention to detail, and the very highest level of sound judgment. These include chairing the University Senate, the Edu cational Policy Council and the Council on Academic Freedom and Ethics, as well as serving on the Council on Promotions and Continuing Appointment and the Distinguished Service and Teaching Pro fes sor Review Committee.

Professor Wulfert served as chair of the University Senate in 2001-2002. As chair, she worked tirelessly and proactively to increase diversity in the Senate and re-engage senior faculty members in Senate councils and committees. She invested enormous time and effort to constitute, and later chair, an ad hoc Senate committee to revise the existing policy on academic misconduct, and, as many of the Senate Council charges seemed somewhat dated, she formed the Bylaws Review Committee comprised of six Senate Council chairs and herself. The work of this committee culminated in changes to, and improvements of, the existing faculty bylaws, and was ratified by the Senate in May, 2003.

She then went on to chair the Edu ca tional Policy Council, and has just been elected to her second year as chair. In this capacity, among many other duties and accomplishments, Dr. Wulfert chaired a committee comprised of six senators and the Vice Presi dent for Research. She met with this team of colleagues regularly from May 2002 through March 2003 and developed a “Policy Framework on Responding to Misconduct in Research and Scholarship” that expands on the existing University policy. At the core of the new policy is the creation of a special Senate committee, the Committee on Ethics in Scholarship and Research (CESR), which will be involved in the adjudication of academic misconduct cases.

Since her arrival at UAlbany in 1988, Professor Elga Wulfert has immersed herself in service to this campus, typically through the most challenging, time-consuming, and critically necessary roles. She is a superb University citizen, and is greatly deserving of membership in the ranks of the Collins Fellows.


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