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March News

Opportunities to Lead by Example
The Razor Sharp Rho Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., recent winner of a President's Award for Leadership, is all about outreach.

Honoring Those Who Ensure UAlbany Offers a First-Rate Education
Hassaram Bakhru has devoted 39 years of his life to teaching at UAlbany. As head of CNSE's nanoscience constellation, Bakhru conducts research on nanomaterials and ion beam physics. He's also teaching graduate students this semester. Bakhru is one of 500 employees who will be celebrated at the Employee Recognition reception on March 31.

Doctoral Student Jonathan Nash: Studying Prisons Through the Lens of History
When the State Prison of the City of New York, commonly known as Newgate Prison, opened in 1797, it was modeled after a pioneering penal system in Pennsylvania. Doctoral student Jonathan Nash is studying Newgate and the early 19th century New York State prison system as a lens to examine crime, criminals, and imprisonment.

Third World Impact: Raising Awareness on Global Issues
A new student club takes the University at Albany's theme "The World Within Reach" to heart. Third World Impact (TWI), a global outreach group, has grown to about 50 members since it started last semester.

Best Paper Award Goes to CTG and Collaborators
Center for Technology in Government Deputy Director Theresa Pardo and doctoral student Lei Zheng recently accepted the Best Paper Award in the E-Government Track at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. They collaborated with two additional co-authors on the paper.

Continuing the Falconer Legacy with the Natural History Lecture Series
Ray Falconer cared about nature, science, and the world around him. It is only fitting that the first lecture in the Falconer Natural History 2009 Spring Lecture Series will deal with the origins of life.

Interpreter Pamela Vargas Ramat: Symbol of Strength, Determination
University Police Department (UPD) interpreter Pamela Vargas Ramat's road to becoming a police officer hasn't been easy.

Joseph Bowman: From Campus D.J. to New York State Board of Regents
When Joseph Bowman, Jr., took the bus upstate to the University at Albany campus in 1968 to start his freshman year, he'd never seen the campus. Upon arrival, Bowman entered a world of opportunities. Most recently, Bowman was reappointed to the New York State Board of Regents for a second five-year term.

Great Danes are Ready to Stomp
The first time Mario Dieujuste went to the Spring Stomp, he attended as a sophomore work study student. He had so much fun that he stayed for the game.

Video Available  Showing Gratitude Through Charity
After a massive earthquake ravaged her home province of Sichuan, China last May, Xiaoli Zhang experienced an outpouring of generosity from around the world, including the opportunity to study at UAlbany.

On Location with a Prolific Writer on Peace Movements
Albert Schweitzer, as a Nobel Peace Prize winner and highly esteemed missionary, spoke out against nuclear weapons testing in 1957 and 1958. His worldwide broadcasts "stirred up an enormous furor," said Professor of History Larry Wittner, a national expert on peace and disarmament movements.

Tracing the Paths of Texts
As William Shakespeare sat down to pen Romeo and Juliet, it would be difficult to imagine he could perceive his story being reinvented hundreds of years later as a Broadway musical in West Side Story.

Officer-In-Training Carrie Kane: Changing Perceptions
University Police Department (UPD) recruit Carrie Kane sees a similarity between "good Samaritans" and police officers. It's what made her want to become one.

Petr Kotik Residency: Crossing Between the 'Literary and the Sonic'
Petr Kotik, who will visit UAlbany March 26-28 for a special residency, composes and conducts music that crosses boundaries.

UAlbany Students Extract a Real-World Experience 
UAlbany students Reena Patel, Mariam Sharifipour, and Christopher Theall saw firsthand on a trip to Mexico how having access to good dental care is not taken for granted in other parts of the world.

New School of Social Welfare Spring Lecture Series Tackles Issues of Iraqi Refugees, Homelessness
The war in Iraq has received a great deal of attention from researchers weighing the vast global impact of the conflict. Scott Harding and Kathryn Libal of the University of Connecticut have been invited to address this issue on March 12 in a new lecture series being hosted by the UAlbany's School of Social Welfare this spring.

A Passion for Helping Others See Clearly
Robert Register and Matthew Geller met as freshmen roommates, finding out that they have a lot in common: a passion for optometry.

New School of Social Welfare Spring Lecture Series Tackles Issues of Iraqi Refugees, Homelessness
At first glance, the war in Iraq does not appear to have much in common with the field of social work. Researchers visiting the University at Albany, however, are taking a unique look at the role social work can play in solving the devastating problems of Iraqi refugees whose lives have been disrupted by war.

A Passion for Helping Others See Clearly
Robert Register and Matthew Geller met as freshmen roommates, finding out that they have a lot in common: a passion for optometry.

Harvey Milk, '51: From Intramural Athlete to Civil Rights Icon
The Academy Award-winning film, Milk -- directed by Gus Van Sant -- recounts the political life of slain activist and UAlbany alumnus Harvey Milk. It chronicles a yearlong journey on how the gay rights movement was organized and eventually broadened due to Milk's efforts.

Francophone Day: Cultivating Cultural Connections
For some UAlbany students, like sophomore Heather Hart, of Syracuse, learning about other languages and cultures is a necessity.

Public Health Students Promote Nutrition and Wellness at Rensselaer Boys and Girls Club
If you see some awfully tall kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Rensselaer County this spring playing Twister, look again: They are UAlbany School of Public Health students.

Counseling Center Receiving National Recognition for Promoting Health among College Students
Every autumn, students across the country take their first steps onto college campuses as undergraduates, where they will meet new friends and explore a vast array of educational opportunities. But as with any new venture, there are also some potential pitfalls to avoid, and it can be a learning experience to navigate these challenges.

Officer Brandy Barnard: A Positive Influence on Students, Police Department
When Officer Brandy Barnard arrives at University Police Department (UPD) headquarters for her overnight shift, she looks rather unassuming dressed in her pajamas, just before changing into her standard grey uniform. But make no mistake about it, she's tough.

Hany Shawky and David Smith: Gurus of Index Investing
Fluctuating stock markets and the deep-rooted financial crisis have kept UAlbany's School of Business professors Hany Shawky and David Smith even busier these days.

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