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Survival Tips for Freshman Year Moving in day

Itís exciting, fascinating, exhilarating, hectic, exhausting, and maybe even a little scary. Sound like a day at the amusement park? Nope! -- Just a description of how it feels to start college!

After the whirlwind of moving in and orientation, the real journey begins. For many freshmen students the experience can be daunting. Thereís a host of University professionals who can help; residence hall advisor, academic advisor, friends and family, but sometimes itís good to hear from people who have recently ďbeen there and done that!Ē Weíve asked a few of our Ď03 grads to talk about what helped them settle in and ultimately succeed.

Stephanie Coon Stephanie Coon, who finished her B.A. and M.A. in four years at UAlbany, is now happily studying for her Ph.D., at Oxford, in Public Policy in Education (with a full scholarship!) Stephanie advises freshmen to enjoy every moment!
1. Realize that that you will never be at a loss for opportunities at UAlbany. With a little initiative, anything is possible.
2. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help. Office hours, academic advisement and the Career Development Center are there for a reason!
3. Do an internship; you are lucky enough to be going to school in the capital of one of the biggest states in the nation and there is never a lack of internship opportunities.
4.  Study abroad and be sure to take time to travel when you do.
5. Get involved right away with some of the more than 200 clubs and organizations on campus. If youíre busy you donít have time to be homesick.

Allison Shectman Allison Shectman graduated last spring, despite changing her major four times! She eventually found her academic niche in Communications and had an exciting internship in the New York State Senate. Here are her tips for achieving freshman happiness:
1. Become involved and strive towards leadership positions. There is nothing else as fulfilling.
2. Find a friend/mentor within the faculty or staff --it is so worthwhile.
3. Donít mess up freshman year. Once your GPA goes down, it is HARD to bring that upÖ believe me I know!
4. Experience is priceless. Do an internship!  Or study abroad! Donít let anything stop you.
5. Donít go barefoot in the fountain!
6. You must go to Dippikill before you graduate!
7. Donít do anything just for someone elseís approval. Do it for yourself!

Richard Prou Rich Prou has been working in New York City, where the company he interned with offered him a full time position. He makes these suggestions for success:
1. The advice I would give to incoming freshman is to stay focused on the main reason for being hereóan education.
2. Take advantage of the opportunities here to receive a valuable education and make long lasting friends in the process.
3. Donít strive to just be a B student; always go for the A -- look forward to and enjoy that challenge.
4. Most importantly, seek a mentor--either faculty, peer, or both--because they can give you a heads up on what you are likely to encounter here.

Peter Bruscoe Peter Bruscoe was recently elected President of DeMolay International. In addition to traveling the nation for DeMolay, he has been working this summer for the Mumford Centerís genealogy project. Heíll be starting his Ph.D. program in Political Science at the Universityís nationally ranked Rockefeller College for Public Affairs and Policy this fall. Here is Peterís advice to incoming freshmen for getting the ultimate UAlbany experience:
1. Get to know your professors.  Visit them during their office hours and ask questions about something that interests you. You'll both enjoy the conversation.
2. Check out the University Art Museum. Not only is it a way to see great works of art, but it's also a great way to meet new people.
3. Go to athletic events! We have a great sports teams and coaches.
4. Get to know the people on your floor. When I go out to TGI Fridays I usually see at least one person who lived on my floor my freshman year working there, or eating there.
5. Talk to the food staff if there is something that you don't see that you would like, they'll see what they can do.
6. HAVE FUN!!!  The University at Albany is a great environment and there is so much to do. Get out and enjoy yourself!

Chad Waxman Chad Waxman is currently working for Middle Earth (peer counseling center) as the Outreach Coordinator. Heíll be staying on at UAlbany this fall to get his Masterís degree in school counseling and he passes along this advice for incoming freshmen:
1. I remember being exhausted after moving in all my things. I met many new people and made some great friendships during my first few days. Living on your own for the first time is a tough transition. So my advice is to take time to move in, be social with the people around you and use all the great resources on campus, especially the Student Association, and, if you need it, the Counseling Center.
2. Try not to go home every weekend. Give UAlbany a chance because there are many things to do! Also go to class, read your assignments and get off ďon the right foot.Ē It is the foundation for success for the next four years.

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