The Fulton County Glove Cutters' Strike of 1914 - Board of Mediation and Arbitration Hearings
The Glovers of Fulton County

The Glove Cutters' Strike of 1914: New York State Board of Mediation and Arbitration Hearings, October 5-13, 1914

On August 21, 1914, the 1500-1600 glove cutters of Fulton County struck en masse over a wage dispute with local employers. At the time, Fulton County was the center of glove manufacturing in the U.S. The industry was the heart and soul of the local economy. The County's 150 glove firms -- located in Gloversville, Johnstown, and surrounding communities -- employed approximately 15,000 workers. Because the strike devasted the regional economy, the New York State Department of Labor stepped into the fray. The New York State Board of Mediation and Arbitration of the Department of Labor convened hearings on the strike in Gloversville, New York on October 5, 1914 and began taking testimony from workers and manufacturers on the following day. The accounts that were carefully transcribed offer fascinating insights into the glove industry and the working lives of thousands of workers. What follows are the transcripts of the entire hearing -- over 700 pages in all. The testimony is organized by session, to facilitate rapid download and printing by users.

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Gerald Zahavi, University at Albany ~ State University of New York, January 14, 1999

Testimony -- By Session

Testimony -- By Witness [This section has yet to be completed]

  • Aaron, Albert
  • Abbott, Herman J.
  • Abbott, Theodore
  • Alvano, Albert
  • Bachner, Abraham
  • Barcosi, Edward
  • Berliner, Isidore
  • Buckley, William
  • Cermek, Miroslav
  • Cittenberg, C.J.
  • Compipiano, John
  • Compo, Antonio
  • Dare, William
  • Day, Arthur
  • Dente, Earl
  • Desendels, John
  • Ehrlich, Julius K.
  • Etman, Edward N.
  • Hager, John**
  • Hager, John**
  • Hanson, George
  • Harper, Frank
  • Haverly, Murvin
  • Ireland, James S.
  • James, Nathan
  • Jones, Thomas
  • Katz, Jacob
  • Kennedy, Martin
  • Koberlein, Robert
  • Kushnel, Charles
  • Lehar, Samuel
  • Lehr, Abraham
  • Leveys, Edward L.
  • Lewis, Algeron J.
  • Lieberman, Simon
  • Linto, George
  • Mandrell, G. W.
  • Mansell, George**
  • Mansell, George**
  • Martin, Leo
  • Moses, Isaac
  • Moses, Joseph
  • Murray, Wendell T.
  • Nelson, Abraham
  • Northrup, J. K.
  • Pedder, Claude A.
  • Pitonberg, Jacob
  • Potter, George, C.
  • Riebraud, Harry
  • Rob, Ellius
  • Rosen, Max
  • Saunders, Alfred
  • Schwieb, Harris
  • Silver, Max
  • Simmo, Eugene
  • Spares, Samuel
  • Spinnock, Saul/Saml.
  • Steiner, Max
  • Stitt, William J.
  • Sturm, John
  • Swetman, Edward
  • Taylor, George
  • Tozzi, George
  • Wallach, Louis
  • Walters, Gustave
  • Willmar, August
  • Windsor, William
  • Ziller, Samuel

  • ** These names appear twice, with no note of the witness being recalled.
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