Reading Master of Science Degree

The MS in Reading degree is intended to help graduate students learn about teaching literacy, especially how to engage children and young adults in becoming literate. For students holding initial NY State Initial Teaching Certification and seeking NY State Professional Teacher Certification, please visit the NYSED Master's Degree requirement website at for regulations concerning appropriate degrees. Literacy volunteers, international students, parents, private school providers, after school program coordinators, counselors in prison settings, and so forth who do not hold teacher certification may also apply for this graduate degree, keeping in mind it does not make you eligible for teacher certification. While all students will take certain required courses, there is flexibility built into the program structure to encourage individual interests. This program is available fully online.

Program of Study (30 Credits)

  • Required Courses – 15 to 18 Credits
    1. E Ltl 500     Classroom Literacy Instruction (3) OR
      E Ltl 505     Practicum: Academic Literacy Across Instructional Contexts, 5-12 (3-6)
    2. E Ltl 504     Children's Literature (3) OR
      E Ltl 506     Young Adult Literature (3)
    3. E Ltl 610      Literacy in Society (3)
    4. E Ltl 615     Teaching Writing, B-6 (3) OR
      E Ltl 619     Practicum: Writing in the Classroom, 1-6 (3)
    5. E Ltl 658     MS Research Project (3)
  • Elective Courses – Select 12 to 15 Credits
    • E Ltl 526     Language Acquisition, B-2 (3)
    • E Ltl 600     Strategic Intervention to Prevent Literacy Difficulties (3)
    • E Ltl 638     Media Literacy (3)
    • E Ltl 655     Early Literacy Development, B-2 (3)
    • E Ltl 657     Literacy for English Language Learners (3)
    • E Ltl 677     Data-Based Decision Making in Literacy Assessment, Policy and Practice (3)
    • OR Electives as advised (3)
  • Final Culminating Project - successful completion of the final culminating project milestone