Educational Policy and Leadership Master of Science Degree Program

This master's program is introductory to the study of educational policy and leadership. It closely resembles the existing advanced program sequences, however, and students who complete this program and who are accepted in the advanced programs may do so with a minimum loss of credit.

The program requires a minimum of 36 credits of graduate credit distributed as follows:

  1. Core requirements (6-9 credits): Aps 600, 601, and the statistics requirement.  The statistics requirement may be met by either taking an approved quantitative research methods course (e.g. Aps 614 or see your advisor for other courses that qualify), or by passing a departmental research methods exam (in which case an additional three credits must be taken in one of the other areas).
  2. Concentration (9 credits minimum) in the chosen area of specialization (K-12, Education Policy, or Global Comparative Education Policy).
  3. Support discipline courses (6 credits minimum) such as philosophy, economics, sociology, psychology and political science. 
  4. Additional education and elective courses (9 credits minimum) to support the chosen concentration.
  5. Research (3 credits): Aps 680 Seminar or Aps 699 Master's Thesis.