East Asian Studies Courses

Eac 520 Classical Chinese Poetry (3)

This class surveys Chinese poetry written in traditional verse forms, beginning with works from the Book of Poetry (600 BC) and concluding in the 18th century. Major poets will include Qu Yuan, Du Fu, Li Bo, and Su Shi. The course will begin with the major linguistic and rhetorical elements of Chinese poetry and proceed to introduce elements of traditional Chinese poetics. Students must be able to use Chinese language sources. Prerequisite: Ability to read Chinese.

Eac 523 Practicum in Teaching Chinese (3)

This is a graduate course designed to give experience in the language classroom as part of an introduction to the theory and practice of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. It designed for those who are currently preparing for a career teaching Chinese at the secondary or college level. The focus is on attaining practical experience through class observation and a supervised classroom practicum.  Prerequisites: Fluency in the reading, writing, and speaking of modern Chinese (Putonghua); Permission of the instructor.

Eac 530 Chinese Travel Literature (3)

This course will examine the traditions of travel writing in China. Students will read selections from works representing important aspects of the genre. Half of the semester will focus on China and half on Japan. This graduate section requires an ability to read Chinese.  Prerequisite(s): Ability to read Chinese and any one of the following: A EAS 103; A EAC 210, 211, or permission of instructor.

Eac 571 Change in Medieval China (3)

This course focuses on the dramatic change that China underwent between the 8th and the 14th centuries. We will examine this transformation from several historical perspectives: political history, economic history, social history, intellectual history, and cultural history in order to better understand China's shift from aristocratic to literati society.  Prerequisites: Ability to read Chinese and the equivalent of one of the following courses: A EAS 170, T EAS 105, A EAC 379, A HIS 177, or 379.

Eac 597 Independent Study in Chinese (1-6)

Projects in selected areas of Chinese studies, with regular progress reports; or supervised readings of texts in Chinese. May be repeated once for credit when topics differ. Proficiency in Chinese through the intermediate level is essential. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Eaj 523 Practicum in Teaching Japanese (2)

Eaj 597 Independent Study in Japanese (1-6)

This course will be the Japanese parallel for Eac 597 and serve the same function: to provide advanced students, in this case graduate students, with continued advanced instruction in the language. Prerequisite: AEAJ 300B or consent of instructor.

Eas 568 Confucius and Confucianism (3)

This course surveys the main texts and themes in the development of the Confucian tradition from its origins in China through its spread in Japan and Korea to its reemergence in contemporary East Asia. The emphasis is on the way that the tradition has responded to social conditions. Particular attention will be paid to the relationship between Confucian intellectuals and political power. The rivalry with other traditions (e.g. Taoism, Buddhism, Marxism, Liberalism, etc.) will also be considered. Prerequisites: Ability to read Chinese and the equivalent of one of the following courses: A HIS 177, A EAS 103, 170, 190, or A EAC 379.