Public Health Master (M.P.H.) / Medical Doctorate (M.D.) Albany Medical College Dual Degree Program

The M.P.H./M.D. dual degree program builds upon the existing relationship between the School of Public Health and Albany Medical College to prepare physicians who are aware and capable of addressing public health problems and public health professionals who are adept at clinical knowledge and practice. Physicians are enabled to be better practitioners and leaders in the fields of medicine and public health.

Students pursuing the dual M.P.H./M.D. degree will be able to complete the degree in five years. M.P.H. coursework and internships are completed during the summer between medical school years 1 and 2 (core courses), the summer between medical school years 2 and 3 (core courses), a third year of M.P.H. coursework in between years 2 and 3 of medical school (core, track, and elective courses; and internship) and a fifth year internship. The following courses/internship are waived for medical students: 1) Hpm 500; 2) Bms 505 and 3) a six-credit internship which is substituted by one of the medical school clerkships designed to reflect medical and public health principles.

To be considered for admission into the dual M.P.H./M.D. degree program, applicants must be admitted first to medical school. Subsequently, an application must be submitted to the State University of New York at Albany for admission consideration into the School of Public Health’s M.P.H. degree program.