Geography and Planning Graduate Certificate in Urban Policy

The Certificate in Urban Policy is a graduate-level program designed both for students currently enrolled in graduate programs in social science, and for public officials who wish to improve their knowledge of urban policy. The program provides students with an overview of basic concepts and strategies in urban policy analysis, with a focus on both domestic and international realms. It offers opportunities for specialization in specific fields of urban research and policy, drawing on one or more social science disciplines.

Program of Study

The Certificate in Urban Policy is a self-standing program of 15-19 credit hours. However, it may also be taken in conjunction with master's or doctoral programs. The requirements for the certificate are as follows:

  1. Two core courses (6-8 credits): Pln 540 (Pad 566/Pos540/Soc 540) Urban Policy in the United States (3-4); Pln 573 (Pad 573) Metropolitan Governance and Planning (3-4);
  2. Three elective courses (9-12 credits) from: Aas 510; Ant 664; Eco 541, 581, 781; Gog 580, 620; Pad 643, 648, 674, 684; Pln 501/Gog 521; Pln 502/Gog 526; Pln 505/Gog 525; Pln 506, Pln 523/Pad 561/Pos 523, Pln 528/Pos 528/Pad 528, Pln 529/Pad 563/Lcs 529, Pln 532, Pln 543/Gog 563, Pln 545, Pln 549, Pln 560/Pad 567, Pln 575, Pln 675; Pos 624; Soc 550, 627, 673; or other graduate urban policy courses which are deemed appropriate.