Educational Administration & Policy Studies Advanced Graduate Certificate in School District Leadership Program

Admission to the School District Leadership program is limited to candidates who have completed the EAPS advanced graduate certificate program in School Building Leadership (or its equivalent) and possess a Masters or CAS Degree in Educational Administration or School Leadership, or in education or a related area.

Program of Study (15 credits)

Required Courses – 15 credits:

Aps 623           School Board and Community-School Relations (3)
Aps 631           Economics of Education II (3)
Aps 673           Advanced Human Resources Policies in Education (3)
Aps 770           Law and School District Leadership (3)
Aps 780           Advanced Seminar in Educational Leadership (3)

Additional Program/NYSED Requirements:

  • DASA Training
  • Achievement of a passing score on the appropriate New York State Education Leadership Assessment examination is required. 

 As an approved teacher preparation program with the New York State Education Department, there may be additional certification requirements applicable. These requirements may include, but are not limited to additional workshops. Certification procedures and requirements are outlined on the School of Education’s Teacher Certification website (