Certificate of Graduate Study in Online Learning and Teaching (COLT)

The COLT Graduate Certificate Program has been developed to meet the needs of students who pursue degrees in education and related fields and who teach or plan to work in public and private schools, administer online programs, support online faculty, develop online curriculum, or deliver online training in a wide variety of settings.  The program is designed for students who wish to gain critical conceptual knowledge as well as advanced practical skills in how to develp curriculum, instruction and assessment in fully online and blended learning environments.

All online courses in the COLT program are instructor led and cohort based.  Students in these "anytime, anyplace" (asynchronous) online courses log in on a regular basis and interact with the instructor, classmates, and course materials throughout the duration of the class.  Instructors are regularly available to answer questions, facilitate online discussion, and provide feedback.  All courses counting toward the certificate must be completed with a grade of B- or better and with an over-all average of B.

Program of Study (15 credits)

ETap 529    Introduction to Distance Learning (3)
ETap 624    Teaching and Learning in Immersive Environments (3)
ETap 640    Introduction to Online Teaching (3)

and either:
ETap 524     Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum (3) or
ETap 623    Systematic Design of Instruction (3)

and one of the following:
ETap 655    Contemporary Patterns in Teaching (3) *
ETap 683    Seminar in Instructional Technology (3)
ETap 695    Master's Internship in Education Theory and Practice (2-6)

* Topic in the student's subject area: language education, math and science education, or social