Special Education & Literacy II M.S. Degree Program

This program is for applicants who DO NOT hold NYS Initial Teacher Certification in Childhood Education. It leads to three New York State Certifications: Childhood Education, Special Education at the Childhood level, and Literacy at the Birth to Grade 6 level. This program requires intensive practicum and internship experiences and is the only program at the University at Albany that will permit a student without a Childhood Education certificate to receive certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities. This is the only program at Albany that provides certification in elementary education.

Required Courses - 67 Credits

E Psy 521       Development in Childhood (3)
E Psy 615       Application of Cognitive Theories to Content Area Instruction (3)
E Rdg 500       Classroom Literacy Instruction (3)
E Rdg 601       Practicum: Instruction to Prevent Literacy Difficulties (3)
E Rdg 610       Literacy in Society (3)
E Rdg 619       Practicum: Writing in the Classroom, 1-6 (3)
E Rdg 620       Practicum: Differentiated Instruction and Coaching, B-6 (6)
E Rdg 655       Early Literacy Development, B-2 (3)
E Spe 560       Introduction to Human Exceptionality (3)
E Spe 580       Practicum: Teaching Students with Diverse Learning Needs (3)
E Spe 650       Instructional Environments and Practices for Students with Disabilities (3)
E Spe 651       Developing Reading Comprehension and Content Knowledge for Students
                      with Disabilities (3)
E Spe 652       Math and Inquiry Instruction for Students with Disabilities (3)
E Spe 653       Managing School and Classroom-wide Student Behavior to Promote Efficient
                      and Effective Instruction (3)
E Spe 654       Teaching Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities (3)
E Spe 655       Assessment of Students with Disabilities (3)
E Spe 656       Teaching Written Expression to Students with Disabilities (3)
E Spe 657       Effective Teaching and Curricula for Diverse Learners (3)
E Spe 669       Educating Students with Emotional Disorders and Challenging Behaviors:
                      Advanced Tiers of Support (3)

E Spe 680A     Clinical Internship: Teaching Students with Disabilities (6)
E Spe 681       Clinical Internship Seminar: Teaching Students with Disabilities (1)

Additional Program/NYSED Requirements:

  • School Violence Prevention and Intervention (SAVE) Training
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting Training
  • Needs of Students with Autism Training