Psychology Master of Arts Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology Program

The Industrial & Organizational Psychology master’s program serves students who desire either predoctoral training or practitioner-oriented training and operates within the broader structure of the current doctoral program in I & O Psychology. A minimum of 36 credits of approved coursework is required for the degree. Two tracks are offered to students: a thesis and non-thesis track. Students choosing the thesis option will write a master’s thesis that reports the results of a scholarly investigation of a phenomenon of importance to the field of I & O Psychology. This option is targeted at those who anticipate further training at the doctoral level. Students in the non-thesis track will take internship credits or additional coursework instead of completing a thesis. The non-thesis option is targeted at those seeking a career in applied or organizational settings. All students will be required to complete satisfactorily a written comprehensive examination covering the field of I & O Psychology. The exam will cover topics and issues that are of substantive relevance to all I & O psychologists, irrespective of their individual interests.

Program of Study (36 credits minimum)

  1. Statistical Methods and Research Methodology (6 credits, required): APsy 510 and APsy 511 OR Educational Psychology Statistics I and II (EPsy 530 and EPsy 630) 
  2. Core Content Courses ( 12 credits, required): APsy 641, APsy 752, APsy 753, and APsy 758
  3. Seminars (6 credit hours required): one organizational Psychology seminar (APsy 751 Work Motivation or APsy 668 Group Dynamics) and one personnel Psychology seminar (APsy 754 Training or APsy 757 Performance Appraisal and Management) 
  4. Out of Area Electives (6 credits): APsy 603, APsy 604, APsy 605 or another course subject to approval by the area head (one of the electives must consist of the listed electives) 
  5. Six (6) credits of Thesis (APsy 699), Supervised Internship (APsy 756), or Advanced Coursework (APsy 613, APsy 644, APsy 736, APsy 759, APsy 780 or if not used to fulfill requirement #3 APsy 751, APsy 668, APsy 754, APsy 757)
  6. Satisfactory completion of a written comprehensive examination