Women's Studies Master of Arts Degree Program


A Master’s degree in Women’s Studies prepares students for graduate work and professional training in a variety of fields.  Students who earn an M.A. in Women’s Studies may apply for further graduate study in women’s studies doctoral programs, or profession study in law, social welfare, or public administration.  They also find employment in community agencies (women’s centers, counseling centers, battered women’s shelters, rape crisis centers, women’s health centers, and women’s vocational agencies), in diversity education (in schools, government agencies, and business), and with campus-based women’s centers.

Program Leading to the Master of Arts in Women's Studies
(32 Credits Minimum)

  1. Foundations in Women's Studies (12-14 credits):
    Wss 510 Graduate Orientation in Women’s Studies (1-2)
    Wss 565 Feminist Theory (4)
    Wss 590 Research Seminar in Women’s Studies (4)
    Wss 690 MA Final Project (3-4)

  2. Coherent Field of Study (9-12 credits)
    Three courses that form a coherent field of study and that are chosen in consultation with the Graduate Director.

  3. Intersectionality (3-4 credits)
    One graduate course that intersects gender with race, class, sexuality, and/or nationality.

  4. Interdisciplinarity (3-8 credits)
    In consultation with the Graduate Director, students are required to develop their interdisciplinary skills by taking at least one graduate course in a discipline that is new to them.